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The purpose of these projects this project is to add new online collections to the update FamilySearch Wiki.==Wales Infobox=====Task List===[https://docs.googleHistorical Records articles by removing outdated Wales Info Box Task List]
==FamilySearch Historical Records Known Issues== ===Instructionsfor Tracking Spreadsheet===<ol><li>Open the spreadsheet '''placeholder'''</li><br><br><li>Open Click on the first link in column "A" with the task listheader "Article."</li><br><br><li>Place your name by Click on the parish that you want to editlink [ FamilySearch Historical Records Known Issues]</li><br><br><li>Click on the first link in column "A" with the header "ParishArticle." column to take you It title will link to the article page.</li><br><br>[[File:Wales task list.png|400px]]<br><br>*image placeholder  ===Instructions for Text Editing===<li>Once you are on the parish pagesarticle page, look for "Parish History" in at the line above the table of contents (sometimes this might simply be article title, and click on "Historyedit source"). Click on that link.</li><br><br>[[File:Wales history toc.png|250px]]<br><br>image placeholder<li>This will take you to the "Parish History" section of Scroll down the page. Click on the edit source button next to the headinguntil you see four dashes (----).</li><br><br>[[File:Wales history edit source.png|500px]]<br><br>image placeholder<li>Copy Highlight the text below the following code:<br><pre>{{Infobox Wales Parishes| title = PARISH NAME Parish| County bef 1974 = add here| County 1 Apr 1974four dashes (--31 Mar 1996 = add here| County 1 Apr 1996 - = add here | District = add here| Sub-district = add here| Probate Court = add here| Diocese = add here| Rural Deanery = add here| Chapelry = add here| Poor Law Union = add here| Hundred = add here| Province = add here}}<) and stop before the sentence "Return to the [https:/pre></li><br><br><li>Paste the code under any written history that is already therefamilysearch. This means that it should always be pasted at the bottom of the sectionorg/learn/wiki/en/Alabama,_County_Marriages_%28FamilySearch_Historical_Records%29/Known_Issues Alabama County Marriages - FamilySearch Historical Records]. It will look like the following:"</li><br><br>[[File:Wales code pastedimage placeholder.png|500px]]<br><br><li>Replace "PARISH NAME" with the name of the parish that you are working on, so in my example I would replace "PARISH NAME" with Aberffraw(----).</li><br><br> ===Instructions for Finishing the Edit===<li>Click "Show preview" to make sure that the collection correct text was copied correctlydeleted. Compare it to the sample article . It should look like the following:</li><br>[[File:Wales code finished.png|250px]]<br><br>image placeholder<li>If everything looks good, save the page. If something is off, correct the code error and then save the page.</li><br><br><li>Go back to the task listspreadsheet, mark the date you completed it in column header "Done" next to the article name with an "Datex" column, and move on to the next countyarticle.</li><br><br>
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