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{{HR Known Issues-page}} <br>  ----__TOC__== Known Issues ==  === Question 1 ==='''Question #1''': The Event Type and Year Range (waypoint) title does not properly reflect the actual digital record content. How can I determine what digital records are likely to be found within a collection? <br>'''Answer #1''': The list of known waypoint discrepancies describes the event type or year range existing in the collection:<br>
*'''Mazatlán''' &gt; Santa Iglesia Catedral &gt; Bautismos de hijos naturales 1904-1909 and Bautismos de legítimos y naturales 1892-1898 should read as Bautismos 1904-1909 and Bautismos 1892-1898.
If additional problems are encountered with the collection, you can report them at []. <br>  *If browsing the collection: please include the full browse path you used to get to where the problem occurred. The browse path is located above the image viewer window. <br>For example: '''Mexico, Sinaloa, Catholic Church Records, 1671-1968 &gt; Rosario &gt; Nuestra Señora del Rosario &gt; Información matrimonial 1744-1758 &gt; Image 7 of 506'''. *For technical issues: please include operating system and browser version.<br> Return Go to the [[Mexico, Sinaloa, Catholic Church Records (- FamilySearch Historical Records)|Mexico, Sinaloa, Catholic Church Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)]] wiki article.  Return *Go to the [ Mexico, Sinaloa, Catholic Church Records, 1671-1968] collection at  <br>
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