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Perhaps the most important genealogical record, '''Communion Books''' list the inhabitants of a parish by village, farm, and household. They are called communion books, because a person's records are added to them beginning with their confirmation and first communion. These records greatly simplify the research process by grouping individuals into family units. These records make it possible to follow the lives of ancestors from birth to the grave by providing, in one place, references to birth, marriage, and death dates, as well as moving information and other personal items. '''Pre-confirmation Records''' list each residence, the parents, and '''''the children who had not yet been confirmed (usually all children younger than about age 14).''''' After their confirmation, the children were transferred into the communion book. These records list each residence, the parents, and the children at the residence who had not yet been confirmed with their birth dates and, ultimately, their confirmation dates. Vaccinations are also noted. If a child died before confirmation, the death date is given. The records often include notation of blindness, disabilities, or other personal data.
*[ '''Finland Church Census and Pre-Confirmation Books, 1657-1915''']. "Census books" here refers to communion books.
*[ '''Digihakemisto (Digital Directory)''']. In the left sidebar, select your parish. A menu for the parish will show these records, in addition to births, marriages, and deaths.
*[ '''Finland's Family History Association--SSHY (Suomen Sukuhistoriallinen Yhdistys)''']. Click on "Church Records" in the left sidebar. Select your parish from the list that comes up. Some of the features of this website are available at no cost. It appears that the paid subscription version (which is very reasonable) gives access to additional records not found with the free version.

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