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See [[Illinois Vital Records]] for more information about Vital records in Illinois. See also [ How to order Illinois Vital Records] or [ order electronically online].
Vital records consist of birth, death, marriage and divorce records. Original birth and death certificates recorded until the year 1916 are kept by the [ Perry County Clerk] while those recorded after 1916 are kept by the [http birth-death-other-records Illinois Department of Public Health] with a copy to the County Clerk. Original marriage records are usually kept by the County Clerk from the establishment of the county to the present. Original divorce records are generally in the office of the Circuit Court Clerk.
The following abstracts and copies of original records may be accessed through online databases, the [[The Family History Library|Family History Library]] and the [ Illinois Regional Archives Depository (IRAD)] located at the Southern Illinois University (SIU) - search for Perry County records. For information on how to use IRAD see the [[IRAD - Southern Illinois University|SIU IRAD Wiki page.]]
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