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South Carolina Directories

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===Online Resources===
*[ South Carolina Historical Directories]
*[ Directory of Scots in the Carolinas 1680-1830. Volume 1], index, ($)[ Vol. 2] ($)
== History ==
Directories of heads of households have been published for major cities of South Carolina.
===Resources for South Carolina Directories===
====Libraries and Archives====
The [ Charleston Library Society] has a special collection of Charleston directories dating from 1782.
You can also find collections of directories in the archives mentioned in [[South Carolina Archives and Libraries|South Carolina Archives and Libraries]].
====Directories Online====
*Some city directories are found online at [] or at [].
* ($) has South Carolina directories available online in its [ U.S. City Directories] collection.
====The Family History Library====
The [[Family History Library]] has city directories for various years from throughout the state of South Carolina including:
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|'''Year of Directory'''
|'''Family History Library'''
|1859, 1860
|Microfiche Family History Library microfiche {{FHL|534491|item|disp=6043826-27}} <br>
|1903-32, 1934-35
|Microfilm Family History Library microfilm {{FHL|534491|item|disp=1759654-62}}
|Book Family History Library book {{FHL|807703|item|disp=975.77 E4h}}
{| class="plain" cellpadding="6" border="1"
|'''Year of Directory'''
|'''Family History Library'''
|1796 <br>
|Microfilm Family History Library microfilm {{FHL|109694|item|disp=000620 item 2}}&nbsp; <br>
|Microfilm Family History Library microfilm {{FHL|533591|item|disp=1376645}}
|1782, 1785, 1794, 1806-07, 1809, <br>&nbsp;1824, 1836, 1856, 1860
|Microfiche Family History Library microfiche {{FHL|533591|item|disp=6052954}}
To find directories, consult the [[FamilySearch Catalog Place Search|Place Search of the FamilySearch Catalog]] under:
*[ South Carolina Historical Directories] Identifies historical city, county, business and other directories available online at both free and pay-to-access websites.
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