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Family History Library

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Planning Your Visit: notice that the FHL is closed
===Prepare for Your Visit===
Prepare to visit At this time, the world famous Family History Library with an online orientation is closed and setting up a familysearchwill not be accepting group account by clicking the following links: *[ Family Search Accounts]*[ Library Orientation]*Layout of each floor:**[[Family History Library/3rd Floor|3rd Floor]]**[[Family History Library/2nd Floor|2nd Floor]]**[[Family History Library/Main Floor|Main Floor]]**[[Family History Library/B1 Floor|B1 Floor]]**[[Family History Library/B2 Floor|B2 Floor]]<br>
[[File:Library group visits.jpg|right|359x359px|Family History Library Guests]]
'''Group reservations:'''
At this time, the Family History Library is closed and will not be accepting group reservations.<br>
*[[Family History Library Donations|How to donate to the Family History Library]]
=='''''See what people are saying about FamilySearch'''''==
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