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{{Infobox Norwegian Parishes
| title = Ferkingstad Parish
| Stift/Bispedømme/Diocese = add here
| Prosti = add here
| Len 1599-1660 = Stavanger
| Amt 1689-1919 = 1662-1682: Stavanger stiftamt, <br>1682-1919: Stavanger amt
| Fylke 1919-Present = Rogaland
| Region = add here
| Prestegjeld = Skudenes
| Kommune = add here
| Skifteretten = add here
| Tinglag = Skudenes
| Fogderi = Ryfylke
| Sorenskriveri = Karmsund
| Skipreide = add here
=== Church Records ===
*Records start in 1770. Ferkingstad is a parish in {{FHL|173770|title-id|disp=Skudenes (Skudesnes) clerical district}}. Microfilm of the church books contain priest and sexton records from the parishes [[Falnes, Norway|Falnes]] with [[Skudeneshavn, Norway|Skudeneshavn]] and Ferkingstad in Skudenes (Skudesnes) clerical district. Included [[Bokn, Norway|Bokn (Bukken)] parish until 1848 when it was annexed to [[Tysvær, Norway|Tysvær clerical district]] and [[Åkra, Norway|Åkra parish]] until 1887 when it was annexed to [[Kopervik, Norway|Kopervik clerical district]]. Earlier church records were burned in 1841. These records are available on microfilm at the Family History Library. <br> <br>
*Digital images of the church books are online at Digitalarkivet.  [ Skudenes: 1770-1982Digitalarkivet]  [https://media(Digital Archives) Skudenes / Ferkingstad: 1770-1982]
=== Census Records ===
*See [ 1664-1666] This census was taken by the local parish priests. It lists the name of the farms, names of farm owners (including widows), the sons of the farm owners, male farm hands, cottagers and their sons, and the ages of each person.&nbsp; A database of this census is available at [ Digitalarkivet.]  *[ 1701 Census - Manntall 1701] The census of 1701 was taken for military purposes. It lists only the males living in rural districts who were over the age of one year. It includes the farm name, name and age of the owner, names and ages of sons and servants. May also include the residence of a male servant if he came from a different clerical district. [ Manntallet 1701 for Stavanger amt] at Digitalarkivet.  *[ 1801 Census - Folketellingen den 1ste februar 1801] for Skudenes. The 1801 census (b. 39) for Skudenes clerical district includes SkudenesParish, Falnes, Ferkingstad, BoknRogaland, and Åkra parishes. It lists the farm name, person's name, position in the household, age, marital status, and occupation. [ 1801-telling for Schudenæs] at Digitalarkivet.  *[ 1865 Census - Folketellingen den 31 desember 1865] for Norway Genealogy|Skudenes This census contains the persons name, residence, status in the family, occupation, sex, martial status, place of birth, age, religion if not a member of the state church, and other miscellaneous information. Each book usually contains one clerical district (prestegjeld). In some books there are two clerical districts recorded. The parishes and school districts in each clerical district are listed at the beginning of each book. [ 1865-telling for Skudesnæs] at Digitalarkivet.  *[ 1875 Census - Folketælling for kongeriget Norge den 31te December 1875] for Skudenes. This 1875 census contains the persons name, residence, position in the family, occupation, sex, marital status, year of birth, place of birth, religion if not a member of the state church, and other miscellaneous information. [ 1875-teljinga for Skudenes landdistrikt] at Digitalarkivet.  *[ 1900 Census - Folketellingen for Norge den 3dje desember 1900] for Skudenes. This census contains the persons name, whether resident or temporary resident, those absent from the parish, and their location at the time of the census, position in the family, marital status, occupation, year of birth, place of birth, citizenship, religion, and other miscellaneous information. [ 1900-telling for Skudenæs] at Digitalarkivet.  *'''1910 Census (Folketellingen]''' [ 1910 Census search at Digitalarkivet]
=== Court Records ===
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