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Lucas County, Ohio Genealogy

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=====Local Histories=====
:*Waggoner, Clark, ''History of the City of Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio,'' (New York, New York: Munsell & Company, 1888). Digital copy at [ Internet Archive] Volume 1-[https:{{FSbook|100795|}}// FamilySearch Digital Library], Volume 2-[https:{{FSbook|47213|}} // FamilySearch Digital Library], {{FHL|87465|item|disp=FHL film 1000326 Item 1; book 977.112 H2w v. 1-2}}
:*Scribner, Harvey, ''Memoirs of Lucas County and the City of Toledo: From the Earliest Historical Times Down to the Present,'' (Madison, Wisconsin: Western Historical Association, 1910). Digital copy at [ Google Books] [ Internet Archive] Volume 1-[https:{{FSbook|72899|}}// FamilySearch Digital Library], Volume 2-[https:{{FSbook|72884|}}// FamilySearch Digital Library], Volume 3-[https:{{FSbook|93773|}} // FamilySearch Digital Library], {{FHL|85141|item|disp=FHL film 1000327; book 977.112 H2s v.1}}
:*Killits, John Milton, ''Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio, 1623-1923,'' (Chicago, Illinois: S. J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1923). Digital copy at {{FSbook|217414|}} [ FamilySearch Digital Library]-Vol 1, [ FamilySearch Digital Library]-Vol 2, [ FamilySearch Digital Library]-Vol 3, {{FHL|87460|item|disp=FHL film 1000328; book 977.112 H2t}}
==== Land and Property ====
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