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Malawi Church Records

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Historical Background
=== Historical Background ===
<ref> Wikipedia contributorsThe Catholic Church in Malawi is part of the worldwide Catholic Church, "Religion under the spiritual leadership of the Pope in Rome and the Malawi bishops. The first Catholic missionaries were White Fathers (Pères Blancs in French) who arrived in Malawi"in 1889. By 1904, the White Fathers had three permanent mission stations at Kachebere, Likuni, and Mua, in ''Wikipedia: and the Free EncyclopediaMontforts had two missions,'' httpsat Nguludi and Nzama. Most of the White Fathers were French. It was not until 1937–38 that the first Malawi priests were ordained://enCornelio Chitsulo, Alfred Finye.wikipediaToday there are over 2 million Catholics in Malawi - around a third of Christians and a fifth of the total, accessed 14 March 2020There are 2 archdioceses and 6 dioceses. </ref><ref> Wikipedia contributors, "Catholic Church in Malawi", in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia,'', accessed 14 24 March 2020. </ref>
=='''The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Records'''==
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