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Malawi Church Records

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Historical Background
==Online Resources and Websites==
==Historical Background==
<ref> Wikipedia contributors, "Malawi"is a majority Christian country, with a significant Muslim minority. Government surveys indicate that 87% of the country is Christian. The largest Christian groups in Malawi are the '''Roman Catholic'''Wikipedia: Church, of which 19% of Malawians are adherents, and the Free Encyclopedia,'' https://en'Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP)''' to which 18% belong. The CCAP is the largest Protestant denomination in Malawi with 1.wikipedia3 million are smaller Presbyterian denominations like the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Malawi and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Malawi. There are also smaller numbers of '''Anglicans, Baptists, accessed 14 March 2020Evangelicals, Seventh-day Adventists''', and the '''Lutherans'''. </ref><ref> Wikipedia contributors, "Religion in Malawi", in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia,'', accessed 14 24 March 2020. </ref><br>
==Information Recorded in the Records==
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