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*Mr Carver and his wife dyed the first year; he in ye spring, she in ye somer; also, his man Roger and ye litle boy Jasper dyed before either of them, ye commone infection. Desire returned to he friends, & proved not very well, and dyed in England. his servant boy Latham, after more then 20. years stary in country, went into England, and from thence to the Bahamy Ilands in ye West Indies, and their, with some some others, was starved for want of food. His maid servant maried, & dyed a year or tow after, here in this place.
15.His servant, '''John Howland,''' maried the doughter of '''John Tillie, Elizabeth,''' and they are both now living, and have 10 children, now living; and their eldest daughter hath 4 children. And ther 2. daughter, 1. all living; and have 10. children, now all living; and their eldest daughter hath 4 children. And ther 2. daughter, 1. all living; and other of their children mariagable. SO. 15. are to come of them. <br>
*4.Mr.Brewster lived to very old age; about 80. years he was when he dyed, having lived some 23. or 24. years here in ye countrie; & though his wife dyed long before, yet she dyed aged. His sone '''Wrastle''' dyed a younge man umaried; his sons Love lived till this year 1650. and dyed & left 4. children, now living. His doughters which came over after him are dead, but have left sundry children alive; his eldest sone is still living and hath 9. or 10 children; one maried, who hath a child or 2.<br>*4.'''Richard More''' his brother dyed the first winter; but he is maried, and hath 4. or 5. children, all living.<br>*2.Mr . '''Edward Winslow''' his wife dyed the first winter; and he maried with the widow of Mr. White, and hath 2. children living by her marigable, besids sundry that are dead. <br>*8.One of his servants dyed, as also the litle girle, soone after the ships arivall. But his man,'''George Sowle,''' is still living, and hath 8 childre.<br>*4.'''William Bradford''' his wife dyed soone after their arrival; and he married againe; and hath 4 children, 3 whereof are maried. <br> *8.'''Mr. Allerton''' his wife dyed with the first, and his servant, '''John Hooke.''' His sone '''Bartle''' is maried in England, but I know not how many children he hath. His doughter '''Remember''' is maried at Salem, & hath 3. or 4. children living. ANd his doughter '''Mary''' is maried here, & hath 4. children. Him selfe maried againe with ye doughter of Mr. Brewster, & hath one sone living by her, but she is long since dead. And he is maried againe, and hath left this place long agoe. So I account his increase to be 8. beside his sons in England.<br>*2.'''Mr. Fuller''' his servant dyed at sea; and after his wife caem came over, he had tow children by here, which are living and growne up o years; but he dyed some 15 years agoagoe. <br>
*'''John Crakston''' dyed in the first martality; and about some 5. or 6. years after, his sone dyed; having lost him selfe in ye wodes, his feet became fosen, which put him into a feaver, of which he dyed.
*4.'''Captain Standish''' his wife dyed in the first sickness (Who dyed 3. of Octob. 1655), and he maried againe, and hath 4. sones liveing, and some are dead.<br>
*'''Mr. Martin,''' he & all his, dyed in the first infection not long after the arivall.
*15.'''Mr. Molines,''' and his wife, his sone, and his servant, dyed the first winter. Only his doughter '''Priscila'''survied, and maried '''John Alden,''' who are both living, and have 11. children. And their eldest daughter is maried, & hath five children.<br>*7.'''Mr. White''' and his 2. servants dyed soon after ther landing. His wife maried with '''Mr. Winslow''' (as is before noted). His 2. sons are maried, and '''Resolved''' hath 5. children, '''Perigrine tow,''' all living. So their increase are 7. <br> *5.'''Mr. Hopkins''' and his wife are now both dead, but they lived above 20. years in this place, and had one sone and 4. doughters borne here. Ther sone became a seaman, & dyed at Barbadoes; one daughter dyed here, and 2. are maried; one of them hath 2. children; & one is yet to mary. So their increase which still survive are 5. But his sone '''Giles''' is unmaried, and hath 4. children.<br>*12.His doughter '''Constanta''' is living, and one of them marid.<br>*4.'''Mr. Richard Warren''' lived some 4. or 5. years, and had his wife come over to him, by whom he had 2. sons before dyed; and one of them is maryed, and hath 2. children. So his increase is 4. But he had 5. doughters more came over with his wife, who are all married & living, & have many children.<br>*8.'''John Billinton,''' after he had bene here 10. yers, was executed for killing a man; and his eldest sone dyed before him; but his 2. sons is alive, and maried, & hath 8. children. <br.*7.'''Edward Tillie''' and his wife both dyed soon after their arrivall,; and the girle '''Humility,''' their cousen, was sent for into England, and dyed ther. But the youth """Henery Samson''' is still liveing, and is maried, & hath 7. children.<br>
*'''John Tillie''' and his wife both dyed a litle after they came ashore; and their daughter '''Elizabeth''' maried with '''JOhn Howland, ''' and hath issue as is before noted.
*8.'''Francis Cooke''' is still living,a very olde man, and hath seene his childrens children have children; afte his wife came over, (with other of his children,) he hath 3. still living by her, all maried,and have 5. children; so their encrease is 8. And his sone '''John,''' which came over with him, is maried, and hath 4. children living.<br>*6.'''Thomas Rogers''' dyed in the first sickness, but his sone '''Joseph''' is still living, and is maried, and hath 6. children. The rest of'''Thomas Rogers'''[children] came over, & are maried, & have many children.<br>
*'''Thomas Tinker''' and his wife and sone all dyed in the first sickness.
*And so did'''John Rigdale''' and his wife.
*10.'''James Childton''' and his wife also dyed in the first infection. But their daughter '''Mary''' is still living, and hath 9. children; and one daughter in maried, & hath a child; so their increase in 10.<br>*4.'''Edward Fuller''' and his wife dyed soon after they came ashore; but their sone '''Sammuell''' is living, & maried, and hath 4. children or more. <br>
*'''John Turner''' and his 2. sones all dyed in the first sikness. but he hath a daughter still living at Salem, well maried, and approved of.
*4.'''Francis Eaton''' his first wife dyed in the generall sickness; and he maried againe, & his 2. wife dyed & he maried the 3. and had 3. children. One of the is maried, & hath a child; the other are living, but one of them is an ideote. He dyed about 16. years agoe. His sone ''' Samuell,''' who came over a sucking child, is also maried, & hath a child.<br>
*'''Moyses Fletcher, Thomas Williams, Digerie Preist, John Goodman, Edmond Margeson, Richard Britteridge,Richard Clarke.''' All these dyed sone after their arivall, in the general sickness that befell. But '''Digerie Priest''' had his wife & children sent hither afterwards, she being '''Mr. Allertons''' sister. But the rest left no posterite here.
*'''Richard Gardinar''' became a seamen and died in England, or at sea.
*'''Gilbert Winslow, after diverse years aboad here, returned to England, and dyed later.
*6.'''Peter Browne''' maried twise. By his first wife he had 2. children, who are living, & both of them maried,and the one of them hath 2. children; by his second wife he had 2. more. He dyed about 16. years since.<br>
*'''Thomas English''' and '''John Allerton''' dyed in the generall sikness.
*'''John Alden and Priscila Mollines''' his doughter, and had issue by her as is before related.
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