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*'''Thomas English''' and '''John Allerton''' dyed in the generall sikness.
*'''John Alden and Priscila Mollines''' his doughter, and had issue by her as is before related.
*'''Edward Doty & Edwrad Litster,''' the servants of '''Mr Hopkins'' Litster, after he was at liberty, went to Virginia, & ther dyed. But '''Edward Doty''' by a second wife hath 7. children, and both he and they are living.
*Of these 100. persons which came first over in this first ship together, the greater halfe dyed in the generall mortality; and most of them in 2. or three monthes time. And for those which survived, though some were ancient & past procreation, & others left ye place and cuntrie, yet of those few remaining are sprunge up above 160. persons, in this 30. years, are now living in this presente year 1650. besids many of their children which are dead, and come not within this account.
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