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*And seeing it hath pleased him to give me to see 30. years completed since these beginings; and that the great works of his providence are to be observed, I have thought it not unworthy my paines to take a view of the decreasings & increasings of these persons, and such changes as hath passed over them & theirs, in this thirty years. It may be some use to such as come after; but, however, I shall ret in my owne benefite. I will therfore take them in order as they lye.
*Mr Carver and his wife dyed the first year; he in ye spring, she in ye somer; also, his man Roger and ye litle boy Jasper dyed before either of them, ye commone infection. Desire returned to he friends, & proved not very well, and dyed in England. his servant boy Latham, after more then 20. years stary in country, went into England, and from thence to the Bahamy Ilands in ye West Indies, and their, with some some others, was starved for want of food. His maid servant maried, & dyed a year or tow after, here in this place.
*His servant, '''John Howland, ''' maried the doughter of '''John Tillie, Elizabeth, ''' and they are both now living, and have 10 children, now living; and their eldest daughter hath 4 children. And ther 2. daughter, 1. all living; and have 10. children, now all living; and their eldest daughter hath 4 children. And ther 2. daughter, 1. all living; and other of their children mariagable. SO. 15. are to come of them.
*Mr.Brewster lived to very old age; about 80. years he was when he dyed, having lived some 23. or 24. years here in ye countrie; & though his wife dyed long before, yet she dyed aged. His sone '''Wrastle''' dyed a younge man umaried; his sons Love lived till this year 1650. and dyed & left 4. children, now living. His doughters which came over after him are dead, but have left sundry children alive; his eldest sone is still living and hath 9. or 10 children; one maried, who hath a child or 2.
*'''Richard More''' his brother dyed the first winter; but he is maried, and hath 4. or 5. children, all living.
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