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*'''Mr. Fuller''' his servant dyed at sea; and after his wife caem over, he had tow children by here, which are living and growne up o years; but he dyed some 15 years ago.
*'''John Crakston''' dyed in the first martality; and about some 5. or 6. years after, his sone dyed; having lost him selfe in ye wodes, his feet became fosen, which put him into a feaver, of which he dyed.
*'''Captain Standish''' he his wife dyed in the first sickness(Who dyed 3. of Octob. 1655), and he maried againe, and hath 4. sones liveing, and some are dead.
*'''Mr. Martin,''' he & all his, dyed in the first infection not long after the arivall.
*'''Mr. Molines,''' and his wife, his sone, and his servant, dyed the first winter. Only his doughter '''Priscila'''survied, and maried '''John Alden,''' who are both living, and have 11. children. And their eldest daughter is maried, & hath five children.
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