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*'''Mr. Edward Winslow; Elizabeth,''' his wife; & 2 men servants, called '''Georg Sowle and Elias Story;''' also a litle girle was put to him, caled '''Ellen,''' the sister of '''Richard More.'''
*William Bradford, and Dorothy, his wife; having but one child, a sone, left behind, who came afterward.
*'''Mr. Isaac Allerton, ''' and '''Mary, ''' his wife; with 3. children, '''Bartholmew, Remember, & Mary; ''' and a servant boy, '''John Hooke. ''' *'''Mr. Samuell Fuller, ''' and a servant, caled '''William Butten. ''' His wife was behind, & a child, which came afterwards. *'''John Crakston, ''' and his sone, '''John Crakston.'''*'''Captain Myles Standish, and Rose, ''' his wife.*'''Mr. Christopher Martin, ''' and his wife, and 2 servants, '''Salamon Prower ''' and '''John Langmore.'''*'''Mr. William Mullines, ''' and his wife, and 2 children, '''Joseph & Priscila; ''' and a servant, '''Robert Carter.'''
*Mr. William White, and Susana, his wife, and one sone, caled Resolved, and one borne a ship-bord, caled Peregriene; & 2 servants, named William Holbeck & Edward Thomson.
*Mr. Steven Hopkins, & Elizabeth, his wife, and 2 children, caled Giles, and Constanta, a dougter, both by a former wife, and 2. More by this wife, caled Damaris & Oceanus; the last was borne at sea; and 2 servants, called '''Edward Doty''' and Edward Litster.
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