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*'''Thomas Rogers''' dyed in the first sickness, but his sone '''Joseph''' is still living, and is maried, and hath 6. children. The rest of'''Thomas Rogers'''[children] came over, & are maried, & have many children.
*'''Thomas Tinker''' and his wife and sone all dyed in the first sickness.
*And so did'''JOhn John Rigdale''' and his wife.*'''James Childton''' and his wife also dyed in the first infection. But their daughter '''Mary''' is still living, and hath 9. children; and one daughter in maried, & hath a child; so their increase in 10.*'''Edward Fuller''' and his wife dyed soon after they came ashore; but their sone '''Sammuell''' is living, & maried, and hath 4. children or more. *'''John Turner''' and his 2. sones all dyed in the first sikness. but he hath a daughter still living at Salem, well maried, and approved of.*'''Francis Eaton''' his first wife dyed in the generall sickness; and he maried againe, & his 2. wife dyed & he maried the 3. and had 3. children. One of the is maried, & hath a child; the other are living, but one of them is an ideote. He dyed about 16. years agoe. His sone ''' Samuell,''' who came over a sucking child, is also maried, & hath a child.*'''Moyses Fletcher, Thomas Williams, Digerie Preist, John Goodman, Edmond Margeson, Richard Britteridge,Richard Clarke.''' All these dyed sone after their arivall, in the general sickness that befell. But '''Digerie Priest''' had his wife & children sent hither afterwards, she being '''Mr. Allertons''' sister. But the rest left no posterite here.*'''Richard Gardinar''' became a seamen and died in England, or at sea.*'''Gilbert Winslow, after diverse years aboad here, returned to England, and dyed later.*'''Peter Browne''' maried twise. By his first wife he had 2. children, who are living, & both of them maried,and the one of them hath 2. children; by his second wife he had 2. more. He dyed about 16. years since.
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