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*'''Mr. Hopkins''' and his wife are now both dead, but they lived above 20. years in this place, and had one sone and 4. doughters borne here. Ther sone became a seaman, & dyed at Barbadoes; one daughter dyed here, and 2. are maried; one of them hath 2. children; & one is yet to mary. So their increase which still survive are 5. But his sone '''Giles''' is unmaried, and hath 4. children.
*His doughter '''Constanta''' is living, and one of them marid.
*'''Mr. Richard Warren''' lived some 4. or 5. years, and had his wife come over to him, by whom he had 2. sons before dyed; and one of them is maryed, and hath 2. children. So his increase is 4. But he had 5. doughters more came over with his wife, who are all married & living, & have many children.
*'''John Billinton,''' after he had bene here 10. yers, was executed for killing a man; and his eldest sone dyed before him; but his 2. sons is alive, and maried, & hath 8. children.
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