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Source: Algernon Aikin AspinwallBradford’s History “Of Plimouth Plantation. "*'''The Mayflower Passengers" National Genealogical Society Quarterly. 6 (Octobernames of those which came over first, 1917): 56-57in ye year 1620. FHL 973 B2ng. {| class="wikitable"! Name !! Notes !! Name !! Notes |-| John Alden || || Gyles Hopkins || son and were by the blessing of Stephen.|-| Isaac Allerton || || Oceanus Hopkins || son of Stephen. Died aged about 6 years.|-| Mary Allerton || wife of Issac || John Howland || |-| Bartholomew Allerton || son of Isaac. Returned to England || John Longmore || Died God the first winter.|-| Mary Allerton || daughter of Isaac. Married thomas Cushman || William Latham || Died beginers and (in a sort) the Barbadoes Islands.|-| Remember Allerton || daughter foundation of Isaac. Married Moses Maverick || Edward Leister || Went to Virginia all the Plantations and Colonies in New England; and died before 1651their families.''' |-| John Allerton || Died the first winter. || Edmund Margeson || Died the first winter*Mr.|-| John Billington || || Christopher Martin || Died the first winter |-| Eleanor Billington || wife of John || _____ Martin || Carver; Katherine, his wife of Christopher . Died the first winter|-| Francis Billington || son of John || ; Desire Minter || Returned to England.|; & 2 man-| servants, John Billington || son fo John. Died unmarriedHowland, prior to 1630 || Richard More || Settled at SalemRoger Wilder; William Latham, Mass. Married Christian Hunt.|-| William Bradford || || Ellen More || sister of Richard -- a little girl. Died th first winter. |-| Dorothy Bradford || 1st wife on William. Died in Cape Cod Harborboy; & a maid servant, December& a child yt was put to him, 1620. || called Jasper More || bother of Richard -- a little boy. Died the first winter*Mr.|-| William Brewster || || ____ More || bother of Richard -- a little boy. Died the first winter.|-| ; Mary Brewster || his wife of William; with 2. || William Mullins || |-| sons, whose names were Love Brewster || son & Wrasling; and a boy was put to him called Richard More; and another of Williamhis brothers. || AliceMullins || wife The rest of Williamhis children were left behind, & came over afterwards.|-| Wrestling Brewster || son of William*Mr. Died umarried. || Joseph Mullins || son Edward Winslow; Elizabeth, his wife; & 2 men servants, called Georg Sowle and Elias Story; also a litle girle was put to him, caled Ellen, the sister of William. Died the first winter.|-| Richard Britteridge || Died the first Winter. || Priscilla Mullins || daughter of William. Married John AldenMore.|-| Peter Brown || || Degory Priest || |-| *William Button || Died at sea before arrival. || Solomon Prower || Died the first winterBradford, and Dorothy, his wife; having but one child, a sone, left behind, who came afterward.|-| Robert Carter || Died the first winter*Mr. || John Rigdale || Died the first winterIsaac Allerton, and Mary, his wife; with 3.|-| John Carver || Died April 1621. || Alice Rigdale || wife of children, Bartholmew, Remember, & Mary; and a servant boy, JohnHooke. Died the first winter.|-| Katherine Carver || wife of John*Mr. Died soon after husband. || Thomas Rogers || |-| _______ || Samuell Fuller, and a maid servant of the Carvers, caled William Butten. Died 1622 or 1623His wife was behind, & a child, which came afterwards. || Joseph Rogers || son of Thomas*John Crakston, and his sone, John Crakston.|-| James Chilton || || Henry Samson || |-| ______Chilton || *Captain Myles Standish, and Rose, his wife of James. || George Soule || |-| Mary Chilton*Mr. || daughter of James. Married Christopher Martin, and his wife, and 2 servants, Salamon Prower and John WinslowLangmore. || Myles Standish || |-| Richard Clarke*Mr. || Died the first winter. || Rose Standish || 1st William Mullines, and his wife of Myles. Died the first winter, and 2 children, Joseph & Priscila; and a servant, Robert Carter.|-| Francis Cooke || || Elias Story || Died the first winter*Mr.|William White, and Susana, his wife, and one sone, caled Resolved, and one borne a ship-| John Cooke || son of Francis. || bord, caled Peregriene; & 2 servants, named William Holbeck & Edward Thomson || Died December, 1620.|-| Humility Cooper || Returned to England*Mr. Steven Hopkins, & Elizabeth, his wife, and 2 children, caled Giles, and Constanta, a dougter, both by a former wife, and 2. || More by this wife, caled Damaris & Oceanus; the last was borne at sea; and 2 servants, called Edward Tilley || Died the first winterDoty and Edward Litster.|-| John Crackston || Died the first winter*Mr. || Ann Tilley || Richard Warren; but hi wife of Edward. Died the first winterand children were lefte behind, and came afterwards.|-| John Crackston || son of *JohnBillinton, and Elen, his wife; and 2 sones, john & Francis. Died 1627 || John Tilley || |-| *Edward Doty || || ________ Tilley || Tille, and Ann, his wife of John; and 2 children that were cossens, Henery Samson and Humiliy Coper.|-| Francis Eaton || || *John Tille, and his wife: and Elizabeth Tilley || , their daughter of John. Married John Howland.|-| Sarah Eaton || wife of Francis. || Thomas Tinker || Died the first winter.|-| Samuel Eaton || son of *FrancisCooke, and his sone John. || ____ Tinker || But his wife of Thomas& other children came afterwards. Died the first winter.|-| _____ Ely || Returned to England. || ____ Tinker || son of *ThomasRogers, and joseph his sone. Died the first winterHis other children came afterwards.|-| *Thomas English || Died the first winterTinker, and his wife, and a sone. || William Trevore || Returned to England.|-| Moses Fletcher || Died the first winter. || *John Turner || Died the first winterRigdale, and Alice, his wife.|-| Edward Fuller || || ______Turner || son of John *James Chilton, and his wife, and Mary, their daughter. Died the first winterThey had an other daughter, yt was married, came afterward.|-| _____ *Edward Fuller || , and his wife of Edward, and Samuell, their sonne. || ______ *John Turner || son of John , and 2 sones. Died the first winterHe had a daughter came some years after to Salem, where she is now living.|-| Samuel Fuller || son of Edward. || Richard Warren || |-| Dr. Samuel Fuller || || William White || |-| Richard Gardiner || Died at sea or in England || Susanna White || *Francis Eaton, and Sarah, his wife of William, and Samuell, their sone, a young child.|-| *Moyses Fletcher, John Goodman || Dies before 1627, Thomas Williams, Digerie Priest, Edmond Margeson, Peter Browne, Richard Britterige, Richard Clarke, Richard Gardenar, Gilbert Winslow. || Peregrine White || son of Wiliam|*John Alden was hired for cooper, at South -| William Holbeck || Died Hampton, where the first wintership victuled; and being a hopeful young man, was much desired, but left to his owne liking to go or stay when he came here; but he stayed, and maryed here. || Resolved White || son of Wiliam|-| *John Hooke || Died Allerton and Thomas Enlish were both hired, the later to goe mr of a shalop here, and ye other was reputed as one of ye company, but was to go back (being a seaman) for the first winterhelp of others behind. || Roger Wilder || Died But they both dyed here, before the first wintershipe returned.|-| Stephen Hopkins || || Thomas Williams || Died *There were also other 2. Seamen hired to stay a year here in the first wintercountry, William Trevore, and one Ely. But when their time was out, they both returned.|-| Elizabeth Hopkins || wife *These bening aboute a hundred sowls, came over in this first ship; and began his worke, which God of Stephenhis goodness hath hitherto blessed; let his holy name have ye praise. || Edward Winslow || |-| Constance Hopkins || daughter *And seeing it hath pleased him to give me to see 30. years completed since these beginings; and that the great works of Stephen. Married Nicholas Snow. || Elizabeth Winslow || 1st wife his providence are to be observed, I have thought it not unworthy my paines to take a view of Edward. Died the First Winterdecreasings & increasings of these persons, and such changes as hath passed over them & theirs, in this thirty years. |-| Damaris Hopkins || daughter of StephenIt may be some use to such as come after; but, however, I shall ret in my owne benefite. Died I will therfore take them in infancyorder as they lye. || Gilbert Winslow || Returned to England|}
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