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==== Records Loss ====
There is no known history of courthouse disasters in this county.
=== Populated Place ===
For a complete list of populated places, including small neighborhoods and suburbs, visit [,cfips,145,c,perry.cfm HomeTown Locator]. The following are the most historically and genealogically relevant populated places in this county:<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Perry County, Illinois," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'',,_Illinois, accessed 17 March 2020.</ref>
{{Populated places
<!--cities column------------------->
| cities-col1=<div>
*[,_Illinois Du Quoin]
| cities-col2=<div>
*[,_Illinois Pinckneyville]
| cities-col3=<div></div>
<!--unincorp column------------------->
| unincorp-col1=<div>
*[,_Illinois Conant]
| unincorp-col2=<div>
*[,_Illinois Swanwick]
| unincorp-col3=<div>
*[,_Illinois Winkle]
<!--villages column------------------->
| villages-col1=<div>
*[,_Illinois Cutler]
*[,_Illinois St. Johns St. Johns]
| villages-col2=<div>
*[,_Illinois Tamaroa]
| villages-col3=<div>
*[,_Illinois Willisville]
=== Neighboring Counties ===
*[ Graveyards of Illinois]
*[ FamilySearch Places]
| colspan="2" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" style="border:1px solid black"| <center>See '''[[Illinois Cemeteries]]''' for more information</center>
The following web sites have additional information on Perry county cemeteries.
*[ Cemeteries in Perry] by gives the names of the cemeteries in the county with a link to more information such as address, phone number, and web site.
=== Census ===
{{USCensusPop Historical populations|type = USA|heading = Census|footnote = Source: [,_Illinois#Demographics "".] |1830 |1215 |1840 |3222 |1850 |5278 |1860 |9552 |1870 |13723 |1880 |16007 |1890 |17529 | 1900= |19830| 1910= |22088| 1920= |22901| 1930= |22767| 1940= |23438| 1950= |21684| 1960= |19184| 1970= |19757| 1980= |21714| 1990= |21412| 2000= |23094| footnote=[ IL Counties 1900-1990] 2010 |22350 }}For tips on accessing census records online, see [[Illinois Census]].
==== 1840 Pensioners ====
=== Church Records ===
'''List of Churches and Church Parishes'''
*'''[ FamilySearch Places]'''
==== Catholic ====
==== Additional Resources ====
Additional resources for Perry County church records may be found in the {{FHL|534469|subject_id|disp=FamilySearch Catalog - church records}}. Online microfilm are indicated by the camera icon in the catalog entry. Copies of books found in the FamilySearch Catalog may be found in WorldCat catalog and ordered from your local library through interlibrary loan. Explore how to search the [[Introduction to the FamilySearch Catalog|FamilySearch Catalog]] and the [[Worldcat Online Catalog]].
=== Court Records ===
*[ Maps of Illinois (1788-1940)]
*[ Township Map of 1870 Perry County, Illinois] with numerous small settlements. (My Genealogy Hound)<br>
*[ FamilySearch Places]:Cities and Towns- [[FamilySearch Places|How to Use FS Places]]
=== Military Records ===
'''Online Probate Records'''
:*'''1772 - 1999''' [ Illinois Wills and Probate Records 1772-1999] at [] — index and images '''$'''
:*'''1819 - 1988''' {{RecordSearch|1834344|Illinois Probate Records 1819-1988}} at [] — images
See [[Illinois Vital Records]] for more information about Vital records in Illinois. See also [ How to order Illinois Vital Records] or [ order electronically online].
Vital records consist of birth, death, marriage and divorce records. Original birth and death certificates recorded until the year 1916 are kept by the [ Perry County Clerk] while those recorded after 1916 are kept by the [http birth-death-other-records Illinois Department of Public Health] with a copy to the County Clerk. Original marriage records are usually kept by the County Clerk from the establishment of the county to the present. Original divorce records are generally in the office of the Circuit Court Clerk.
The following abstracts and copies of original records may be accessed through online databases, the [[The Family History Library|Family History Library]] and the [ Illinois Regional Archives Depository (IRAD)] located at the Southern Illinois University (SIU) - search for Perry County records. For information on how to use IRAD see the [[IRAD - Southern Illinois University|SIU IRAD Wiki page.]]
'''Online Resources'''
:*'''1749-1999''' {{RecordSearch|3541609|Illinois Deaths and Burials, 1749-1999}} at [ FamilySearch] — index, some images
:*'''1850-1880''' {{RecordSearch|2334599|Illinois Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880}} at [ FamilySearch] — index and images
:*'''1850-1885''' [ U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1885]found at ($)
*[ Perry County, IL History, Records, Facts and Genealogy]
*[ Perry County IL Genealogy] *[ Illinois Genealogy Network Community on Google+]
*[ Illinois Genealogy Network Group on Facebook]
*{{FHL|Illinois%2C+Perry|subject|disp=FamilySearch Catalog}}
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