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Tisina Wolfgramm Gerber donated the information which was collected by her family and they were microfilmed. ''[Iohani and Salote Wolfgramm Papers]'' (Salt Lake City: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 2003) [{{FHL|1116459|title-id|disp=FHL film 1224623}}]. The papers on this microfiom include the charts of the royal families which Iohani gathered in the 1050s before he left for the United States.
*''95 Genealogy Charts of Royal Families, Nobles, and Chiefs from `Ahoeitu and Tangaloa and his son `Ahoeitu (the first Tui Tonga, 950 A.D.) to Tui Ha`atakalaua, 1450, including the Ha`a Túi Kanokupolu line.'' <span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1246894348546_939" />(This is not a complete record, but only a few from the Genealogy papers of Iohani and Salote Wolfgramm).
*''Amelia Tamaha Records from the year 1844''
*''Túi Latai Mataele ''(''who came from the royal lines) book of records&nbsp;(''copied from the Tongan Royal Palace'').''
Kakolosi K. Tui’one, ''Tongan Pedigree Charts Including Royal Lineages'' (West Valley City, Utah: K. Tui'one, 2002) [{{FHL|1118215|title-id|disp=CD-ROM no. 1125 supp.; PEDIGREE no. 2182 pt. 1-71}}]
During his life, ''Kakolosi Tui’one ''<span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1246894537531_726" />worked hard to collect the records of the royal family of Tonga. He was given permission in 1949 to copy the records of the royal family.&nbsp;These records are on “maps” or ''hohoko ''charts. They are on a Compact Disc that must be read by a ''Computer Assisted Design (AutoCAD14) ''program. (It is not possible to see what is on the CD by loading it onto a regular word processing program).
The maps are 32 by 41 inches and cannot be printed out by a regular computer printer because they are in AutoCad format. There are 70 maps in the set. You can call''Kakolosi’s'' children at 801-446-5362 and they will print out the ones requested. If you want to buy the CD with all of the files on it, you can also request it from the Tui’one Family. The family donated a copy to the Family History Library, which has the call number '''CD-ROM no. 1125 - INTL Lib Att Win.'''
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