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The earliest Czech book was created in 1441 (a book of christenings from Horní Jiřetín). Books have been kept to the present, but because of privacy laws, they are available for research only through 1905.
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These records are written in Czech, German and Latin. For help reading the records see the following:
*[[Czech Republic Genealogical Word List]]
*[[Latin Genealogical Word List]]
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  <gallery caption="Czech Trebon Church Record Examples" widths="160px" heights="120px" perrow="4">
Image:Czech Trebon Church Baptism.jpg|1805 Baptism Record
Image:Czech Trebon Church Marriage Right.jpg|1836 Church Marriage Right
Image:Czech Trebon Church Marriage Left.jpg|1836 Church Marriage Left
Image:Czech Trebon Church Death.jpg|1833 Church Death Record
* [[Czech Republic Record Finder|Record Finder]]
* [[Czech Republic Research Tips and Strategies|Research Tips and Strategies]]
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