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==Buddhist Records==
Buddhism appeared in Singapore during the 2nd century AD and is practiced by about 33% of the population.<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Buddhism in Singapore," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'',, accessed 10 December 2019.</ref>
==Hindu Records==
==Islamic Records==
About 15% of Singaporeans are Muslims. The majority of Muslims in Singapore, as well as those of Malay descent, follow the traditional Sunni Muslims.<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Islam in Singapore," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'',,Chinese%2C%20Arab%20and%20Eurasian%20communities., accessed 10 December 2019.</ref>
==Roman Catholic==
*[[Singapore Church Records#Church by Demonination| Cathedral of the Good Shepherd]]
*[[Singapore Church Records#Church by Demonination| Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Queen Street]]
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