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A record of major migrations of African Americans and precipitating events. <br><br>
=== Emigration to Canada ===
*[ 1 Benjamin Drew. ''A north-side view of slavery : the refugee, or, The narratives of fugitive slaves in Canada related by themselves, with an account of the history and condition of the colored population of Upper Canada.'' Boston: John P. Jewett and Company, 1856. Digital Book]
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=== [ Underground Railroad] ===
*[ Underground Railroad National Historical Park - Selected Routes of the Underground Railroad. NAID 33754822 - National Archives]
*[ National Scenic Byway- Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad (Maryland) NAID 68886418 - National Archives]
*[ Freedom on the Move. A database of fugitives from American Slavery. Cornell University]
*[ William Still.''The underground rail road : a record of facts, authentic narratives, letters, &c., narrating the hardships, hair-breadth escapes, and death struggles of the slaves in their efforts for freedom, as related by themselves and others or witnessed by the author : together with sketches of some of the largest stockholders and most liberal aiders and advisers of the road.'' Philadelphia: Porter & Coates, 1872.]
==== [ Nework to Freedom - National Park Service] ====
*'''[ Network to Freedom - Index]'''
''' State Sources '''
*[ Maryland Historical Society. American Colonization Society/Liberia Collection]
*[ Maryland Historical Society. Maryland State Colonization Society Papers, 1827-1871. MS 571]
*[ New York State Colonization Society Records, 1849-1968. New York Public Library - Archives & Manuscripts]
''' National Archives'''
*[ Letters Received Relating to African Colonization, 1/5/1819 - 3/10/1841. National Archives Catalog. NAID 1786936]
*[ Letters Sent Relating to African Colonization, 1/17/1820 - 1858, National Archives Catalog. NAID 1768603]
''' Publications'''
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*[ Maryland. Report of the Select Committee, to Whom was Referred the Subject of the Removal of the Free Colored Population from Charles County.]
'''Migration after the Civil War'''<br>Between 1790 and 1900, 90% of African Americans lived in the South.<br>By 1960, 50% of African Americans lived in the South.
*100,000 African Americans moved to Kansas in late 1870s1870's, early 1880s 1880's
*500,000 African Americans left the south during WWI (1916-1919)
*90,000 to Pennsylvania
*43,000 to Michigan
*1 million African Americans left the South in the 1920s 1920's
*5 million African Americans left the South between 1940-1960
*During 1970s1970's, African Americans started returning to the South, especially to larger, urban cities.
*By 1990, 84% of African Americans lived in urban areas.
*See ''Field to Factory: Afro-American Migration 1915-1940''by Spencer Crew.
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