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{{TN Libraries Intro|Tipton}}
'''Munford Memorial Public Library''' <br>1476 Munford Avenue <br>Munford, TN 38058 <br>Phone: 901-837-2665 <br>E-mail: [] <br>[ Website} ]
'''Tipton County Public Library''' <br>300 W Church St. <br>Covington, TN 38019 <br>Phone: 901-476-8289 <br>E-mail: [] <br>'[ Website]
::'''Genealogy Resources:''' Cemetery Records, Military Rosters, Marriage Records, Census Indexes, Local Histories, Newspapers including ''Covington Leader'', ''Commercial Appeal'', ''Randolph Recorder'', Deeds, Court Minutes, Birth and Death Indexes, Bible Records, Tax Records, Probate Records, etc.<br>
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