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North Carolina Voting Records

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| link5=[[North Carolina Voting Registers|Voting RegistersRecords]]}}{{NC-sidebar}}==Online RecordsResources==*'''1868-1898''' - : {{RecordSearch|3326982|North Carolina, Voter Registration Records, 1868-1898}} at [ FamilySearch] - index. Available for Beaufort, Chatham, and Orange counties.<br>images == Voting Registers Rights History==*'''By 1856''': Universal white male suffrage<brref>Poll booksWikipedia contributors, which list voters on a yearly basis"Timeline of voting rights in the United States, have been preserved for some [[North Carolina Genealogy|North Carolina]] counties. Usually" in "Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia, they are not indexed. See also taxation records, which usually list the persons who were assessed a poll tax. Election records from 1878 to the 1930s for some counties are at the [http"https://wwwen.archiveswikipedia.ncdcrorg/wiki/Timeline_of_voting_rights_in_the_United_States, accessed 2 February</ North Carolina State Archives] ref>*'''1870''': The 15th Amendment is passed and prohibits restricting suffrage based on race<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Black suffrage," in "Wikipedia: the Family History LibraryFree Encyclopedia," https://en. These often mention the candidates for county offices such as constable and give the number of votes cast for each candidatewikipedia. The names of persons who cast their votes are not givenorg/wiki/Black_suffrage#United_States, accessed 2 February 2020. </ref> *'''Voter Registration of 1867Early 1890s'''  *Wynne: Jim Crow Laws passed to revoke African-Americans right to vote<ref>Wikipedia contributors, Frances Holloway"Black suffrage, ''North Carolina Extant Voter Registrations of 1867'' (Bowie" in "Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia, Maryland" https: Heritage Books, 1992//en.wikipedia.) {{WorldCat|26961783|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}org/wiki/Black_suffrage#United_States, {{FHL|578669|item|disp=FHL book 975accessed 2 February 2020.6 N4w}}</ref> Records of 17 counties *'''1920''': Women are given: Carteretthe right to vote<ref>Wikipedia contributors, Chowan"Women's suffrage in the United States, Clay" in "Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia, Cleveland, Craven, Cumberland, Currituck, Davidson, Duplin, Edgecombe", Franklin, Gaston, Granville, Guilford, Hyde, Onslow (one precinct only), and Wake (one precinct only). The original records are at the North Carolina State Archivesaccessed 2 February 2020. </ref> *'''1965''': The names of the voters Voting Rights Act passes; African-Americans are listed alphabetically with given back the number right to vote<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Voting Rights Act of the county and the precinct. Race is also indicated. These were males age 21 or older who had lived 1965," in "Wikipedia: the precinct one year or moreFree Encyclopedia," https://en. The lists also give the full names of African American residents who were recorded as voterswikipedia. About 30org/wiki/Voting_Rights_Act_of_1965,000 names are includedaccessed 2 February 2020. In 1902, 1904, 1906, and 1908 voting registration began </ref>==What Can be Found in many counties under an amendment to the North Carolina constitution that came to be known as the "Grandfather Clause." Anyone registering to vote was required to prove he was literate, or that he, his father, or grandfather had voted in an election on or before 1 January 1867Records==For more information about how Voter Records can help your genealogical research see [[United States Voting Records|United States Voting Records]]. <br>'''Family History LibraryVoting records often contain''' :*Name*BiddixBirth place*Residence*Years living in city, Charles Davidcounty, ''1835 poll booksstate*Whether naturalized, North Carolina&nbsp;: 12th Congressional District for the counties of Burkedate, Haywood, Yancey, Macon, Rutherford and Buncombe'' (Asheville, NC:Old buncombe County Genealogical Society, c1988) {{WorldCat|22386408|dispcourt <br>==How to Find Voter Records=At various libraries (WorldCat)}},{{FHL|396262|item|disp=FHL book 975.6 N4p}} *Many of county voting registration Most voter records are were kept on microfilm at the North Carolina State Archives or the Family History Librarycounty level (for New England states this should be town level). Some To see what FamilySearch has for your county (town) of research follow these records have been published. The records indicate steps:*Go to the name of the person, their age, and their county and township of residence[https://www. In cases where the father or grandfather was listed, the state where he voted is mentionedfamilysearchVoting registers can be found org/search/catalog FamilySearch Catalog] and in the FamilySearch Catalog by using a Place-names Search for: place field type in North Carolina   :NORTH CAROLINA*Go to United States, [COUNTY]- VOTING REGISTERS   '''A wiki article describing an online collection is found at:'''<br> [[North Carolina County Records - FamilySearch Historical Records|*Once there, click on "Places within United States, North Carolina County Records - "*Select the county that contains your town of interest*If FamilySearch Historical Records]]<br>has voter records for your county, they will be under "Voting Registers"==References=={{North Carolina|North Carolinareflist}}  [[Category:North Carolina, United States|Voting]] [[Category:Voting_Registers]]
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