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:''Previous dropdown title''' is used when you create dropdown areas inside of dropdown areas. For example, when you create 3 top-level options such as Birth, Marriage and Death, and then create dropdown areas within those each of those 3 tope-levl options, you will need to use the this template. In the code that creates the dropdown area, a proper name is assigned to the area, so when the keyword is selected, the wiki knows exactly which area is to be opened or closed. These areas are named based on the title (or keyword) given to that particular dropdown areas, however, sometimes there are duplicate keywords that are used on the same page. (Example: Under Birth, Marriage and Death, you may want to create dates like '1850 to 1900', as keywords under all three of the main options. In this case, when you create the 2nd level dropdown using these duplicate keywords, you must also define the keyword that was used as the top-level option. <br>
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