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Sottunga is an island municipality of Åland, an autonomous territory of Finland. The municipality is the smallest when it comes to population in Åland and in Finland.<br> The municipality is unilingually Swedish, with 88.7% of the inhabitants speaking Swedish as their native language.<br> Sottunga comprises many islands, of which only three, Husö, Finnö and Storsottunga, are inhabited. Storsottunga is usually called Sottunga and there are five villages in the municipality: Finnö, Husö, Hästö, Mosshaga and Sottunga.
<br><br>[ Sottunga](Wikipedia) 
==Online Church Records: A Major Source for Birth, Marriage, and Death Information==
Different collections cover different parishes, so it is important to check every collection.
*For addresses of parishes throughout Finland: [ '''Parish Contact Information''']
*For details on writing to Finnish-speaking or Swedish-speaking parishes, discontinued parishes, payment methods, etc., consult this [[Finland Letter Writing Guide|'''Finland Letter Writing Guide''']]
*A [https[Media:// |convenient '''printable form letter''' is provided here ]] for writing to Finnish speaking parishes.] *A [https[Media:// |convenient '''printable form letter''' is provided here ]] for writing to Swedish speaking parishes.]
*You should copy the letter and fill in the appropriate blanks. A separate request form should be used when requesting detailed information on a spouse or child. Make sure you type or neatly print your letter and, when necessary, add any diacritical marks and special characters (such as å, ä, ö) with a pen.
*If the form letters do not cover the records you want, you can write your request in English.
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