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United States Genealogy

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==Territories and Federal District==
There are five territories and one federal district under the jurisdiction of the United States.
{| style="width:50%; vertical-align:top;"|- | style="width:50%;" |*[[American Samoa|American Samoa]]*[[District of Columbia|District of Columbia]]*[[Guam|Guam]]| style="width:50%" |*[[Northern Mariana Islands|Northern Mariana Islands]]*[[Puerto Rico|Puerto Rico]]*[[U.S. Virgin Islands|Virgin Islands]] 
<ul class="column-spacing-fullscreen" style="padding-right:5px;">
<li>[[American Samoa|American Samoa]]</li>
<li>[[District of Columbia|District of Columbia]]</li>
<li>[[Northern Mariana Islands|Northern Mariana Islands]]</li>
<li>[[Puerto Rico|Puerto Rico]]</li>
<li>[[U.S. Virgin Islands|Virgin Islands]]</li>
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