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{{TN Libraries Intro|Tipton}} '''Munford Memorial Public Library'''] <br>1476 Munford Avenue <br>Munford, TN 38058 <br>Phone: 1-901-837-2665 <br>E-mail: [] <br>'''Hours[http: '''Mon//munford.-Wedcom/departments/library/index., Fri. 1-5 p.m.<br>Thurs. 1-7 p.m.<br>Sat. 9 a.m.-12 pm<br>: <br><br>php Website}
'''Tipton County Public Library''' <br>300 W Church St. <br>Covington, TN 38019 <br>Phone: 1-901-476-8289 <br>E-mail: [] <br>'''Hours:'''<br>Mon.-Fri. 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.<br>Sat. 9:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.<br>[ Website]:: '''Genealogy Resources:''' Cemetery Records, Military Rosters, Marriage Records, Census Indexes, Local Histories, Newspapers including ''Covington Leader'', ''Commercial Appeal'', ''Randolph Recorder'', Deeds, Court Minutes, Birth and Death Indexes, Bible Records, Tax Records, Probate Records, etc.<br>
'''West Tennessee Heritage Study Center''' <br>[ Paul Meek Library] <br>[ University of Tennessee at Martin] <br>Phone: 1-731-881-7060 <br>Hours vary by semester<br>[ Website]:: The Heritage Study Center holds a variety of genealogical resources including materials relating to the following counties in Tennessee: [[Benton County, Tennessee Genealogy|Benton]], [[Carroll County, Tennessee Genealogy|Carroll]], [[Chester County, Tennessee Genealogy|Chester]], [[Crockett County, Tennessee Genealogy|Crockett]], [[Decatur County, Tennessee Genealogy|Decatur]], [[Dyer County, Tennessee Genealogy|Dyer]], [[Fayette County, Tennessee Genealogy|Fayette]], [[Gibson County, Tennessee Genealogy|Gibson]], [[Hardin County, Tennessee Genealogy|Hardin]], [[Haywood County, Tennessee Genealogy|Haywood]], [[Henderson County, Tennessee Genealogy|Henderson]], [[Henry County, Tennessee Genealogy|Henry]], [[Houston County, Tennessee Genealogy|Houston]], [[Humphreys County, Tennessee Genealogy|Humphreys]], [[Lake County, Tennessee Genealogy|Lake]], [[Lauderdale County, Tennessee Genealogy|Lauderdale]], [[Madison County, Tennessee Genealogy|Madison]], [[McNairy County, Tennessee Genealogy|McNairy]], [[Obion County, Tennessee Genealogy|Obion]], [[Perry County, Tennessee Genealogy|Perry]], [[Shelby County, Tennessee Genealogy|Shelby]], [[Stewart County, Tennessee Genealogy|Stewart]], [[Tipton_County,_Tennessee|Tipton]], [[Wayne County, Tennessee Genealogy|Wayne]], [[Weakley County, Tennessee Genealogy|Weakley]] and [[Carlisle County, Kentucky Genealogy|Carlisle (KY)]], [[Fulton County, Kentucky Genealogy|Fulton (KY)]], and [[Hickman County, Kentucky Genealogy|Hickman (KY)]] counties in Kentucky.<br> '''West Tennessee Historical Society'''<br>P.O. Box 111046<br>Memphis, TN 38111<br>Phone: 1-901-475-6608<br>E-mail: []<br>[ Website]: <br>
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