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== What is in This Collection? ==
This collection contains church records for the years 1800-1959.
These records contain baptisms, marriages, deaths and other records from some Catholic, Lutheran, and Unitarian parishes in Manitoba. The Lutheran records from Bifrost, Gimli, and Winnepeg are written in English but consist mainly of people from [[Icelandic Word List|Iceland]] and an understanding of [[Scandinavian Given Names|Scandanavian naming conventions]] is helpful in researching your ancestors. The Catholic records from Brochet, St. Eustache and St. Francis Xavier are mainly written in [[French Wordlist|French]] and an understanding of [ French Records] and the naming patterns will be helpful in researching your ancestors. The Winnepeg Unitarian records are partially written in English and partially in the Icelandic language.
Canadian church records began in the 1620s in Quebec with French Catholic Records. These early records were kept according to a 16th-century French law. English-language church records begin in 1749 in Nova Scotia with Church of England records. Canada had French citizens until 1763, so most Protestant records begin much later. Church records were kept at the local parish of the church. A parish is a local congregation that may include many villages. Your ancestor may have lived in a village and belonged to a parish in a nearby larger town.
=== Image Visibility ==={{Image Visibility}}
=== Reading These Records ===
Many of these records are in French. For help with reading the records, see the following resources:
*[[French Handwriting]]
*[[French Wordlist]]
*[[France Language and Languages]]
*[ BYU French Records Extraction – An Instructional Guide]
*[[Icelandic Word List]]
*[[Scandinavian Given Names]]
===To Browse This Collection=== {{Collection_Browse_Link|CID=CID1992433| title = Manitoba, Church Records, 1800-1959}}
== What Can These Records Tell Me? ==
The following information may be found in these records:
Image:Canada, Manitoba Church Records DGS 5471826 43 Baptism.jpg|1887 BaptismImage:Canada, Manitoba Church Records DGS 5471825 62 Marriage.jpg|1920 MarriageImage:Canada, Manitoba Church Records DGS 5471826 950 Death.jpg|1922 Death</gallery>
== How Do I Search This Collection? ==
You can search the index or view the images or both. To begin your search Before searching this collection, it is helpful to know:
*The name of your ancestor
*The name of a relative or date of the event
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{{HR Tip | More images are available in the FamilySearch Catalog at [ Manitoba, Church Records, 1800-1959]. Some catalog records link to multiple references. In this case, click on a reference to find a camera icon to see images.}}
=== How Do I Analyze the Results? ===
Compare each result from your search with what you know to determine if there is a match. This may require viewing multiple records or images.
==What Do I Do Next?=====I Found the Person I Was Looking For, What Now?===
*Copy the citation below, in case you need to find this record again later
*Use the age or estimated birth date to find other church and vital records such as birth, baptism, marriage, and death records
== Citing This Collection ==
Citations help you keep track of places you have searched and sources you have found. Identifying your sources helps others find the records you used.
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