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Contributing To The Wiki
== Contributing To The Wiki ==
=== Contributors Expectations ===
In addition to [ FamilySearch Terms of Use,] we require contributors not to use the Wiki as a forum to conjecture, gossip, or debate about the priorities, motives, processes, policies, or competence of FamilySearch or its personnel. These activities fall outside of the scope and use of this site and may result in loss of contributor privileges.<br>
Final determination about the appropriateness of contributed content rests with FamilySearch.<br>
=== How To Contribute To The Wiki ===
*[[Help:Wiki_Roles_of_Editor_and_Pagecreator#Request_to_Edit_the_Wiki|Request Editing Rights on the Wiki]]
Moderator, Reviewer, Bots, Bureaucrats, editor, Interface administrators, pagecreator, Suppressors, Administrators, Widget editors

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