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Massachusetts Military Records

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*''Mexican War Index to Pension Files, 1887–1926''. (NARA T317). {{FHL|0537000|item|disp=FHL films 0537000–13}} Alphabetically arranged and includes the veteran’s name, rank, and unit; names of dependents; date of filing and application; certificate numbers; act filed under; and state from which application was made. Also available at:<br>
:*{{RecordSearch|1979390|United States, Mexican War Pension Index, 1887-1926}} (FamilySearch) Free digital copy. ([[United States, Index to Mexican War Pension Files (- FamilySearch Historical Records)|Learn more.]])<br>
*Robarts, William Hugh. ''Mexican War Veterans&nbsp;: A Complete Roster of the Regular and Volunteer Troops in the War Between the United States and Mexico, from 1846-1848…'' Washington, D.C.&nbsp;: Brentano’s, 1887. {{FHL|1854496|item|disp=FHL book 973 M2rwh}} Digital version available at [ Internet Archive].<br>
*{{RecordSearch|1919699|United States, General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934}} (NARA T288). (FamilySearch) Free digital copy. The index covers veterans of the Civil War, '''Spanish‑American War,''' Philippine Insurrection, Boxer Rebellion (1900 to 1901), and the regular Army, Navy, and Marine forces. ([[United States, General Index to Pension Files (- FamilySearch Historical Records)|Learn more.]])
*{{RecordSearch|1919583|United States, Index to Service Records, War with Spain, 1898}} (FamilySearch) Free digital copy. ([[United States, Index to Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers in the War with Spain (- FamilySearch Historical Records)|Learn more.]])
*Harry E. Webber, comp. "Twelve Months with the Eighth Massachusetts Infantry in the Service of the United States". Salem, MA. Newcomb and Gauss, Printers, 1908. ([ Google Books]) ([ Ancestry])-($)
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