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Nova Scotia Newspapers

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*''A union list of Nova Scotia newspapers'' compiled by the Blue Pond Collaborative. 1987. This is difficult to find, but the National Library has a copy. <br>
*Thomas Brewer Vincent.''An historical directory of Nova Scotia newspapers and journals before Confederation. Kingston, Ontario:'' Royal Military College of Canada, 1977.<ref name="de">de Groot, Susanna, "Canada Historical Newspapers Bibliographies (National Institute)," ''The National Institute for Genealogical Studies'' (2012),</ref>
*Nova Scotia Genealogy Network Association -[ Nova Scotian Newspapers]
*Acadia University - Vaughan Memorial Library - [ Maritime Newspapers on Microfilm at Acadia]<ref name="taylor">Taylor, Ryan, "Obtaining Canada Newspaper Resources (National Institute)," ''The National Institute for Genealogical Studies'' (2012),</ref>
=== Libraries and Archives ===
[ Nova Scotia Archives] <br>6016 University Avenue <br>Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4 <br>(corner of University Avenue and Robie Street) <br>Telephone: (902)424-6060 <br>Email: []
A good listing of their newspaper holdings can be found in Terrence Punch’s ''Genealogical research in Nova Scotia'' (New revised edition, Halifax: Nimbus, 1998).<ref name="ryan">Taylor, Ryan, "Canada Newspaper Indexes and Abstracts (National Institute)," ''The National Institute for Genealogical Studies'' (2012),</ref>
=== Digital Issues Online ===
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