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Newspapers can be a very valuable source of information; from an overview of life in an ancestor’s community to an informative obituary on his/her life.
Alberta’s first newspaper, ''The Edmonton Bulletin'', started publication in 1880; ''The Calgary Herald'' in 1883. ''The Calgary Tribune'', 1883, became''The Albertan'' in 1886. Local newspapers ran in small cities and towns but often intermittently.<ref>Borgstede, Arlene. "Alberta Newspapers (National Institute)," ''National Institute for Genealogical Studies'' (2012),</ref>
=== Newspaper Directories ===
*Gloria M. Strathern. ''Alberta newspapers, 1880-1982: an historical directory''. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 1988.<ref name="de">de Groot, Susanna, "Canada Historical Newspapers Bibliographies (National Institute)," ''The National Institute for Genealogical Studies'' (2012),</ref>
*Our Roots - [ Alberta Newspapers], 1880-1982<br>
*University of Alberta - [ Peel’s Prairie Provinces - Find Newspapers]<ref name="taylor">Taylor, Ryan, "Obtaining Canada Newspaper Resources (National Institute)," ''The National Institute for Genealogical Studies'' (2012),</ref>
=== Libraries and Archives ===
*The Legislature Library has a nearly complete collection of weeklies from 1905.
Legislative Assembly of Alberta - [ Library Services] <br>216 Legislature Building <br>10800-97th Avenue <br>Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2B6 <br>Telephone: (780)427- 2473 <br>Email: []<ref name="ryan">Taylor, Ryan, "Canada Newspaper Indexes and Abstracts (National Institute)," ''The National Institute for Genealogical Studies'' (2012),</ref>
=== Digital Issues Online ===

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