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Source Citations
Chile’s official language is Spanish.<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Chile," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'',, accessed 24 March 2016.</ref> <br>
==== Adding References Heading ====Note: The citation You can add a heading 2 or heading 3 (whichever is then automatically placed more appropriate for the page) labeled, References at the bottom of the page, often and additional wikitext code to ensure the references appear under this heading. Use the following wikitext code at the “References” headingbottom of the Wiki page.<br><nowiki>== References ==</nowiki><br><nowiki><references /></nowiki>
''More information can be found on [[FamilySearch Wiki:Source Citation Formats|Source Citation Formats]]'' <br>
==== Bibliography List in Body of the Wiki Page ====
'''Example of no author, no date of publication, no place of publication, and no publisher information:'''<br>
:''Niobrara Centennial 1856-1956.'' N.d. N.p: n.p.<br>
=== Geographical Names ===
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