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It's county seat is New Philadelphia and was founded March 15, 1808. It is located in the East-central area of the state.<ref>Genealogy Trails History Group, “Tuscarawas County, Ohio Genealogy and History”, accessed 2/27/2017.</ref>
==== Populated Places ====
For a complete list of populated places, including small neighborhoods and suburbs, visit [,cfips,157,c,tuscarawas.cfm Hometown Locator].
The following are the most historically and genealogically relevant populated places in this county:
<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Tuscarawas County, Ohio," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'',,_Ohio, accessed 16 January 2019.</ref>
{{populated places
<!--cities column------------------->
| cities-col1=<div>
*[,_Ohio Dover]
*[,_Ohio New Philadelphia] (county seat)
| cities-col2=<div>
*[,_Ohio Uhrichsville]</div>
| cities-col3=<div></div>
<!--villages column------------------->
| villages-col1=<div>
*[,_Ohio Baltic]
*[,_Ohio Barnhill]
*[,_Ohio Bolivar]
*[,_Ohio Dennison]
*[,_Ohio Gnadenhutten]
*[,_Ohio Midvale]
| villages-col2=<div>
*[,_Ohio Mineral City]
*[,_Ohio Newcomerstown]
*[,_Ohio Parral]
*[,_Ohio Port Washington]
*[,_Ohio Roswell]
| villages-col3=<div>
*[,_Ohio Stone Creek]
*[,_Ohio Strasburg]
*[,_Ohio Sugarcreek]
*[,_Ohio Tuscarawas]
*[,_Ohio Zoar]
<!--hamlets column------------------->
<!--unincorp column------------------->
| unincorp-col1=<div>
*[,_Ohio Barrs Mills]
*[,_Ohio Bernice]
*[,_Ohio Blackband]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Columbia]
*[,_Ohio Eastport]
*[,_Ohio Gilmore]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Glasgow]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Goshen]
*[,_Ohio Hartwood]
| unincorp-col2=<div>
*[,_Ohio Lock Seventeen]
*[,_Ohio Mount Tabor]
*[,_Ohio New Cumberland]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Newport]
*[,_Ohio Peoli]
*[,_Ohio Postboy]
*[,_Ohio Ragersville]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Rockford]
| unincorp-col3=<div>
*[,_Ohio Somerdale]
*[,_Ohio Stillwater]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Wainwright]
*[,_Ohio West Chester]
*[,_Ohio Winfield]
*[,_Ohio Wolf]
*[,_Ohio Yorktown]
*[,_Ohio Zoarville]
<!--native american column------------------->
<!--census column------------------->
| census-col1=<div>
*[,_Ohio Dundee]
*[,_Ohio Sandyville]
| census-col2=<div></div>
| census-col3=<div></div>
<!--townships column------------------->
| townships-col1=<div>
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Auburn]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Bucks]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Clay]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Dover]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Fairfield]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Franklin]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Goshen]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Jefferson]
| townships-col2=<div>
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Lawrence]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Mill]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Oxford]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Perry]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Rush]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Salem]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Sandy]
| townships-col3=<div>
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Sugar Creek]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Union]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Warren]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Warwick]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Washington]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio Wayne]
*[,_Tuscarawas_County,_Ohio York]
<!--historic communities column------------------->
<!--historic African American communities column------------------->
<!--unorganized territories column------------------->
<!--ghost towns column------------------->
| ghost-col1=<div>
*[,_Ohio Three Legs Town]</div>
| ghost-col2=<div></div>
| ghost-col3=<div></div>
==== Neighboring Counties ====
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<center>{{OHTuscarawas County, Ohio Clickable Neighbors}}</center>
==== Boundary Changes ====
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*{{FHL|Ohio%2C+Tuscarawas|subject|disp=FamilySearch Catalog}}
=== Places ===
==== Populated Places ====
==== Neighboring Counties ====
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=== References ===
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