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Breckinridge County, Kentucky Genealogy

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{{KY Court Intro|Breckinridge}}
*[ Abstracts of Early Kentucky Supreme Court Cases], KYGenWeb
=== Directories ===
{{KY African Americans Intro|Breckinridge}}
*[ The KY African American Griots Project]
*[[Kentucky Minorities|Kentucky Minorities]] has information specific to Kentucky African Americans.
*[[ Sandi Gorin's Tips], Hangings in Kentucky 1792-1900
{{KY Military Intro|Breckinridge}}
*[ Military Resources], Revolutionary War through Civil War
==== Civil War ====
==== Korean War ====
{{KY Korean War Intro|Breckinridge}}
*[ Korean War Memorial], Korean War Memorial for Soldiers from KY, KYGenWeb
=== Naturalization and Citizenship ===
*'''Breckinridge County Historical Society'''<br>PO Box 498<br>Hardinsburg, KY 40143-0498<br>Telephone: 270-756-2876<br>[ Website]<br>
*'''Ancestral Trails Historic Society, Inc'''<br>PO Box 573<br>Vine Grove, KY 40175<br>Telephone: 270-982-0881<br>Email: []<br>[ Website]
*'''Ancestral Trails Historical Society'''<br>PO Box 1796<br>Elizabethtown, KY 42702-1796<br>Telephone: 270-982-0881<br>[ Website]
*[ Links and addresses to Kentucky genealogical and historical societies]
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