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=== Limitations ===
A string is limited to 500 total characters, but the substring can only span the first 100 characters. The presence of certain characters in the input may cause unexpected results, so {{tlx|Str_sub/any}} should be used to handle any possible character. Otherwise, there can be problems with some special characters. For example, {{tlx|Str sub long|abc%def|2|3}} {{Str sub long|abc%def|2|3}} works as desired, whereas if the output string contains any of <code>:;*#</code> the results are not as desired:<br />{{tlx|Str sub/any|abc:def|2|3}} {{Str sub/any|abc:def|2|3}}<br />
{{tlx|Str sub long|abc:def|2|3}} → {{Str sub long|abc:def|2|3}}<br />
{{tlx|Str sub long|abc;def|2|3}} → {{Str sub long|abc;def|2|3}}<br />
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