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Lucas County, Ohio Genealogy

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The county was named for Robert Lucas, 12th governor of Ohio, in 1835 during his second term. Its establishment provoked the Toledo War conflict with the Michigan Territory. It's county seat is Toledo and was founded June 20, 1835. It is located in the Northwest-central area of the state.<ref>Genealogy Trails History Group, “Lucas County, Ohio Genealogy and History”, accessed 2/22/2017.</ref>
==== Populated Places ====
For a complete list of populated places, including small neighborhoods and suburbs, visit [,cfips,095,c,lucas.cfm Hometown Locator].
The following are the most historically and genealogically relevant populated places in this county:
<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Lucas County, Ohio," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'',,_Ohio, accessed 27 December 2018.</ref>
{{populated places
<!--cities column------------------->
| cities-col1=<div>
*[,_Ohio Maumee]
*[,_Ohio Oregon]
| cities-col2=<div>
*[,_Ohio Sylvania]
*[,_Ohio Toledo] (county seat)
| cities-col3=<div>
*[,_Ohio Waterville]</div>
<!--towns column------------------->
<!--villages column------------------->
| villages-col1=<div>
*[,_Ohio Berkey]
*[,_Ohio Harbor View]
| villages-col2=<div>
*[,_Ohio Holland]
*[,_Ohio Ottawa Hills]
| villages-col3=<div>
*[,_Ohio Swanton]
*[,_Ohio Whitehouse]
<!--hamlets column------------------->
<!--unincorp column------------------->
| unincorp-col1=<div>
*[,_Ohio Bono]
*[,_Lucas_County,_Ohio Frankfort]
| unincorp-col2=<div>
*[,_Ohio Monclova]
*[,_Ohio Richfield]
| unincorp-col3=<div>
*[,_Ohio Shoreland]
*[,_Ohio Yondota]
<!--native american column------------------->
<!--census column------------------->
| census-col1=<div>
*[,_Ohio Curtice]
*[,_Ohio Neapolis]
| census-col2=<div></div>
| census-col3=<div></div>
<!--townships column------------------->
| townships-col1=<div>
*[,_Lucas_County,_Ohio Harding]
*[,_Lucas_County,_Ohio Jerusalem]
*[,_Lucas_County,_Ohio Monclova]
*[,_Lucas_County,_Ohio Providence]
| townships-col2=<div>
*[,_Lucas_County,_Ohio Richfield]
*[,_Lucas_County,_Ohio Spencer]
*[,_Lucas_County,_Ohio Springfield]
*[,_Lucas_County,_Ohio Swanton]
| townships-col3=<div>
*[,_Lucas_County,_Ohio Sylvania]
*[,_Lucas_County,_Ohio Washington]
*[,_Lucas_County,_Ohio Waterville]
<!--historic communities column------------------->
<!--historic African American communities column------------------->
<!--unorganized territories column------------------->
<!--ghost towns column------------------->
| ghost-col1=<div>
*[,_Lucas_County,_Ohio Marengo]
*[,_Ohio Providence]
| ghost-col2=<div></div>
| ghost-col3=<div></div>
==== Neighboring Counties ====
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<center>{{OHLucas County, Ohio Clickable Neighbors}}</center>
==== Boundary Changes ====
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=== Places ===
[[Toledo, Ohio|Toledo]]
==== Populated Places ====
=== References ===
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