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Morgan County, Kentucky Genealogy

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{{KY Biographies Intro|Morgan}}
*[ KY Biographies], Jeff Murphy's Kentucky Biographies Project
=== Business, Commerce, and Occupations ===
*[ Morgan County Census Records]
*[ Kentucky Census Transcriptions 1850-1930], USGenWeb
*[ Census Images], USGenWeb
{{KY Church Intro|Morgan}}
*[ Church Records]
*[ Kentucky Christian Church Directory], ~ ChurchAngel
*[ Catholic Parishes in the Diocese of Lexington]
*[ Kentucky Court of Justice, Morgan County Office of the Circuit Court Clerk]
*[ Morgan County Court Records]
*[ Morgan County Court and Tax Records]*[ Abstracts of Early Kentucky Supreme Court Cases], KYGenWeb
*[ Kentucky Court of Justice Research & Reference]
*[[African American Research]] (US) has more information about the kinds of records available
*[ The KY African American Griots Project]
*[[Kentucky Minorities|Kentucky Minorities]] has information specific to Kentucky African Americans.
*[ Sandi Gorin's Tips], Hangings in Kentucky 1792-1900
{{KY Histories Intro|Morgan}}
*[ Morgan County History Series]
*[,_Kentucky Wikipedia-Morgan County Kentucky]
*[ The Archives of Appalachia]
{{KY Military Intro|Morgan}}
*[ Military Resources], Revolutionary War through Civil War
*[ Morgan County Genealogy Trails - Military]
==== Korean War ====
{{KY Korean War Intro|Morgan}}
*[ Korean War Memorial for Soldiers from KY], KYGenWeb
=== Naturalization and Citizenship ===
{{KY Obituaries Intro|Morgan}}
*[ Morgan County Obituaries]
*[ Kentucky Footsteps Archives], KYGenWeb
*[ Kentucky Obituary Sources], KYGenWeb
*[ Afrigeneas], African American death notices, obituaries and funeral programs compiled by users from current newspapers and historical sources
*[ Obituary Depot], Kentucky Newspaper Citations
*[ Obituary Daily Times], Citations to over 15,000,000 obituaries including interactive search function
*[ Nashville Christian Advocate Death Abstracts]
*[ Herald & Stewart & Halsey Funeral]
{{KY Schools Intro|Morgan}}
*[ Morgan County School Photos and Yearbooks]
=== Tax Records ===
{{KY Tax Intro|Morgan}}
*[ Morgan County Court and Tax Records]
*[ Search Tax, Criminal, Land and Wills Records], Ancestry ($)
*'''1973-2000''' - [ Searchable KY Marriage Records]
*'''1973-2000''' - [ Kentucky Marriage Records 1973-2000]
*[ Morgan County Marriages], [ Morgan County Vital Records]
*[ USGenWeb Archives Project, Morgan County, Kentucky Marriage Index]
*{{RecordSearch|1202535| The Social Security Death Index }} - Searchable
*[ The Kentucky Vital Records Project], Transcriptions and Images of Kentucky Death Certificates
*[ Morgan County Deaths]
==== Divorce ====
*[ Morgan County, KY History, Records, Facts and Genealogy]
*[ Morgan County, Kentucky Genealogy], USGenWeb-KyGenWeb Site
*[ KYGenWeb project]. Has maps, name indexes, history or other information for each county. Select the county.
*[ State of Kentucky Website]
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