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== What is in This Collection? ==
This collection is an index of identification cards from Paris, dating from 1792 to 1795.
== What Can These Records Tell Me? ==
The identification cards may contain an individual's age, their previous residence, and their date of arrival in Paris.
== How Do I Search This Collection? ==
Before searching this collection, it is helpful best to know:the full name of the individual in question, as well as an approximate time range for the desired record. When entered into the search engine on the Collection Page, this information provides the quickest, most reliable path to finding the correct person. Of course, other information such as birth date or place of birth.
=== Search the Index ===
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== How Do I Analyze the Results? ==
Compare each result from your search with what you know to determine if there is a match. This may require viewing multiple records or images. Keep track of your research in a [[Use_Appropriate_Forms#Prepare_a_Research_Log | research log]].
== What Do I Do Next? ==
=== I Found the Person I Was Looking For, What Now? === *Make sure to fully transcribe and cite the record entry for future reference; see below for assistance in citing this collection *Save or print a copy of the image if possible*Use the information which has been discovered to find more; for instance, use the age listed in the record to estimate a year of birth, if that is yet undetermined *Continue to search the index to identify children, siblings, parents, and other relatives 
=== I Can’t Find the Person I’m Looking For, What Now? ===
*Consult the [[France Record Finder]] to find other records
*When looking for a person with a common name, look at all the entries for the name before deciding which individual is correct. Use other information, such as place of birth, age, occupation, or names of parents, to determine which candidate is the correct person. If listed, a personal title may be a clue to property ownership or occupation, either of which might be noted in other records
*Check for variants of given names and surnames. For much of the period of this collection, spelling was not standardized; pay special attention to how the name should have been pronounced and try variations on the pronunciation. Simple clerical errors were also always possible. Furthermore, individuals were often listed under a middle name, nickname, or abbreviation of their given name. For women, remember that it was not uncommon to revert to a maiden name after the death of a husband
*Vary the search terms. For example, search by either the given name or surname to return broader list of possible candidates which can then be examined for matches. Alternatively, try expanding the date range; this is especially useful in searching baptismal records, as it was not unusual for a child to be baptized weeks or even months after birth
*Search the records of nearby parishes. While it was uncommon for an individual in this period to move more than about 20 miles from their place of birth, smaller relocations were not uncommon. Note that marriages usually took place in the parish where the bride resided
*Look at the actual image of the record to verify the information found in the online description, if possible
== Citing This Collection ==
;Collection Citation:
"France, Paris, Identity Cards, 1792-1795." Database. <i>FamilySearch</i>. <nowiki></nowiki> : 19 July 2018. Bibliothèque Généalogique et d'Histoire Sociale de France, Creteil.
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