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Reading Aid for Brazilian Marriage Certificates

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Additional Help
The highlighted words are clues to important information that follows. The color of the translation in the margin matches the color of the highlighted Portuguese term in the record.
These tips should save you from the feeling you need to read every record completely word-for-word. Instead, you can look for key words that immediately precede key information.
*Sometimes, the names of the bride and groom are listed in the margin, making it very efficient to scroll through the images until you find the desired marriage.* If the names are not in the margin, skim down the page until you find the terms '''"o senhora"''' and '''"e dona"'''. These terms give you the name of the bride and groom.
*If you have found the ancestral couple you wanted, study the rest of the record. For translating dates, ages, resident addresses, occupations, color (race), relationships, or status terms, refer to the [[Portuguese Genealogical Word List|'''Portuguese Genealogical Word List.''']]
[[File:Brazil marriage key words 12.png.png|900px]]
You can find the same key words, with some slight variations, in marriage certificates written out without the printed form.
[[File:Brazil birth certificate 7marriage key eords.png|900px800px]]
==Additional Help==
*[[Portuguese Genealogical Word List|'''Portuguese Genealogical Word List''']]
*[[Reading Aid for Brazilian Birth Certificates|'''Reading Aid for Brazilian Birth Certificates''']]
*[[Reading Aid for Brazilian Death Certificates|'''Reading Aid for Brazilian Death Certificates''']]
*[ '''Reading Portuguese Handwritten Records Lesson 1: Portuguese Letters''']
*[ '''Reading Portuguese Handwritten Records Lesson 2: Dates, Words, and Names''']
*['''Reading Portuguese Handwritten Records Lesson 3: Reading Portuguese Records'''].
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