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South Africa Genealogy

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}} Guide to '''South Africa ancestry, family history and genealogy:''' birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and military records.{{South Africa-sidebar}}
==Country Information==
South Africa is a country in Africa bordered by [[Namibia Genealogy|Namibia]], [[Botswana Genealogy|Botswana]], [[Zimbabwe Genealogy|Zimbabwe]], [[Mozambique Genealogy|Mozambique]], [[Kingdom of eSwatini Genealogy|eSwatini]], and [[Lesotho Genealogy|Lesotho]]. Portions of South Africa were formerly ruled by [[Portugal Genealogy|Portugal]], [[The Netherlands Genealogy|The Netherlands]], and [[England Genealogy|Great Britain]]. There are 11 official languages.<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "South Africa," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia,'', accessed 21 April 2016.</ref>
:[[South Africa Genealogy#More South Africa Research Tools|''See More Research Tools'']]
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== South Africa Clickable Map ==
Below are FamilySearch resources that can assist you in researching your family.
*[[Genealogy Help on Facebook|Facebook Communities]] - Facebook groups discussing genealogy research
*[ landing?search=Getting%20Started&show=lessons&message=true Learning Center] - Online genealogy courses
*[ Historical Records]
*[ Family History Center locator map]
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