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Spain Civil Registration - Vital Records

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Spanish civil registration records (births, marriages, and deaths) began in 1871. Some ''municipios'' may have civil registration records beginning as early as 1837.
The records are still housed in each municipality in their local municpal archives, ''Juzgado de la Paz'' or ''Oficina del Registro Civil ''should be contacted if a certificate copy request to the Ministerio de Justicia fails.
Larger cities may have multiple civil registration districts, and smaller towns may have their own civil registration office, or belong to an office of a nearby town. To determine the political jurisdiction for the town where your ancestors came from please see the [[Spain Gazetteers|'''Spain Gazetteers''']] article.
These births, marriages, and deaths are normally found in the municipal archive. Some of them have been microfilmed and/or digitized by FamilySearch.<br>
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