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Spain Civil Registration - Vital Records

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Ministerio de Justicia
== Obtaining Civil Registration Records ==
===Ministerio de Justicia===
Spain does have a national index or central repository for civil registration ([ Ministerio de Justicia]). Researchers can solicit the [ Ministerio de Justicia] online for copies of certificates. Requests must have: name of deceased, date when event ocurred (birth, marriage, or death), and where the event occured. Parent's names will also be required when asking for a birth certificate. For more information on how to order these records online, please see the article [[Order Spain Vital Records Online|Order Spain Vital Records Online]].
If you understand Spanish, you may want to view this short [ video] that explains how to order a birth certificate online from the Ministry of Justice in Spain. The process is virtually the same to order a marriage or death certificate.
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