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This collection consists of parish registers from the county of Sussex for the years 1538-1910.
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 == Why Should I Look at What is in This Collection? ==This collection contains an index to baptismal, marriage, and burial records from the county of Sussex for the years 1538-1910. The original records are held at the West Sussex Records Office. 
Parish registers have been kept at the local level across England since the mid-1500s. Due to this long and relatively stable tradition, these records are central to English genealogical research as they are often one of the only sources for finding families and individuals in England before the start of civil registration in 1837.
To learn more about parish registers, please see the '''[ England Parish Registers]''' page.
== What is in This CollectionCan These Records Tell Me? ==This collection contains an index to baptismal, '''Baptism''' records include:*Name of the child*Date and place of baptism*Gender*Names of parents '''Marriage''' records include:*Name of the bride and groom*Date and place of marriage, *Genders*Marital status*Fathers' names*May include age and burial estimated birth year '''Burial''' records. The original records are held at include:*Name of the West Sussex Records Office.deceased*Date and place of burial*Age*Estimated birth year ==Collection Content
=== Coverage Tables ===
== How Do I Search This Collection? ==
Before searchingthis collection, it is best helpful to know the following information:
*Name of the person
*Date range for the record
As you search, compare your results with this information to find a match.
=== Search the Index ===#Go to the '''[ collection page]'''. {{Search Collection Link#Enter the requested information into the search box.| CID=CID1465706#Click '''Search''' to return a list of possible matches.}}
{{Tip|More images are available in the FamilySearch Catalog at [ England, Sussex, parish registers, 1538-1910]. Some catalog records link to multiple references. In this case, click on a reference to find a camera icon to see images.}}
=== How Do I Analyze the Results? ===
Compare each result from your search with what you know to determine if there is a match. This may require viewing multiple records or images. Keep track of your research in a [[Use_Appropriate_Forms#Prepare_a_Research_Log | research log]].
== What Do I Do Next? ==
=== I Found the Person I Was Looking For, What Now? ===
*Copy down all the information in the index entry. If you find a baptism record, search for a birth record*Do not forget to cite If the record; see below parents are listed, look for help citing the family in census records in this collection. *If in the appropriate perioda marriage date is found, use look for the information which has been discovered to find the individual new family in civil census records. Particularly useful *If a burial record is found, search for research in nineteenth-century England are a death record*If the age is listed on the [[England Census]] and [[England Civil Registration|civil registration]] records. burial record, estimate a birth year*Continue to search the index for people with the same surname to identify children, siblings, parents, and other relatives. Remember that family *Family members often appear on an individual's vital records, such as in the role of witnesses to a marriage.
=== I Can’t Find the Person I’m Looking For, What Now? ===
*When looking for an individual with a common name, look at all the search results before deciding which is the correct person. Use other information, such as place of birth, age, occupation, or names of parents, to help with this decision. If listed, a personal title may be a clue to property ownership or occupation, either of which might be noted in other records. *Try variations of given names and surnames. An individual might appear under a different name in a record for a variety of reasons: :-An individual might have been listed under a middle name, [ a nickname], or [[Abbreviations Found in Genealogy Records|an abbreviation]] of their given name. :-*Spelling was not standardized for much of the period of this collection, so names were often spelled as recorders heard them. Pay attention to how the name should have been pronounced and try spelling variations that could have that pronunciation. :-Some women returned to their maiden names after the death of their husbands. *Vary the search terms. For example, expand the date range or search by either the given name or surname to return a broader list of search results.*Search the records of nearby parishes. While it was uncommon for an individual in this period to move more than about 20 miles from their place of birth, smaller relocations were not uncommon. For this collection, nearby locations include the bordering counties of Hampshire, Surrey, and Kent.*The individual in question may not have records in the Church of England at all, but rather might have belonged to a nonconformist denomination. See [[England Nonconformist Church Records]] for more information.
== Citing This Collection ==
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