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Kenosha County, Wisconsin Genealogy

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| link1=[[United States Genealogy|United States]]
| link2=[[Wisconsin , United States Genealogy|Wisconsin]]
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| link5=[[Kenosha County, Wisconsin Genealogy|Kenosha County]]
}}<br>Guide to '''Kenosha County Wisconsin ancestry, family history, and genealogy research page.''' Birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.
{{Click|Image:WI_ORPGuide to '''Kenosha County, Wisconsin ancestry, genealogy and family history''', birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.png|Wisconsin Online Genealogy Records}}
{| style="width:18%; float:right"|-| <center>{{Click|image:WI_ORP.png|Wisconsin_Online_Genealogy_Records}}</center>|-| <center>{{Infobox U.S. County 2016|organized= January 30, 1850| county seat= Kenosha County | county_map parent county= WI Kenosha[[Racine County, Wisconsin Genealogy|Racine]] County<ref>''Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America'', 10th ed. (Draper, Utah: Everton Pub., 2002), Wisconsin.png{{WorldCat|50140092| state disp= WisconsinAt various libraries (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|1049485|item| state_map disp= WisconsinFHL Book 973 D27e 2002}}.png </ref>| latd variant spellings= | longd county1= [[Lake County, Illinois Genealogy|Lake (IL)]]| founded year county2= 1850[[McHenry County, Illinois Genealogy|McHenry (IL)]]| founded date county3= January 30[[Racine County, Wisconsin Genealogy|Racine]]| seat county4= [[Walworth County, Wisconsin Genealogy|Walworth]]</br><center>[[KenoshaCounty, WisconsinGenealogy#Maps and Gazetteers|KenoshaSee County Maps]]</center>| building image county5=|county6=|county7=|county8=|county9=|county10= | building address county courthouse= <br>[http[Image://wwwKenosha County Court House.cojpg|245x245px]]|county location in state= [[Image:WI Kenosha County Courthousepng|185x185px]]|adoption=}}|}<br/center>1010 56th Street<br>Kenosha, WI 53140div style="width:17%; float:left; margin-right:4em; <brpadding:0px">Phone. 262.653.2552__TOC__<br/div> }} == County Information ==
<br>== County Information = Description ===
The County was named for the county seat, Kenosha. The County is located in the southeast area of the state.<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Kenosha County, Wisconsin " in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'', ",_Wisconsin."</ref>
=== County Courthouse === {{WI Courthouse Intro|Kenosha}}'''Kenosha CountyCourthouse'''<br>1010 56th Street<br>Kenosha, Wisconsin Record Dates WI 53140 <br>Phone: 262-653-2552<br>[ Kenosha County Website]<br><br>[ County Clerk] has marriage records from 1900.<br>[ Register of Deeds] has land records.<br>[ Register in Probate] has probate records. <ref>''Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America'', 10th ed. (Draper, Utah: Everton Pub., 2002), Wisconsin.{{WorldCat|50140092|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|1049485|item|disp= FHL Book 973 D27e 2002}}.</ref>
=== Kenosha County, Wisconsin Record Dates ===
{{WI Record Dates Intro|Kenosha}}
{| cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="1"
| width="100%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" colspan="67" |<center>'''Known Beginning Dates for Major County Records'''<ref>Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America, 10th ed. (Draper, Utah: Everton Pub., 2002), Kenosha County, Wisconsin. Page 755-760, At various libraries (WorldCat); FHL Book 973 D27e 2002; Alice Eichholz, ed. Ancestry’s Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources, Third ed. (Provo, Utah: Ancestry, 2004), 757-759.</ref></center>
| width="1614.62%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Kenosha County, Wisconsin Genealogy#Vital_RecordsBirth|Birth*]]'''| width="1614.62%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Kenosha County, Wisconsin Genealogy#Vital_RecordsMarriage|Marriage]]'''| width="1614.62%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Kenosha County, Wisconsin Genealogy#Vital_RecordsDeath|Death*]]'''| width="1614.62%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Kenosha County, Wisconsin Genealogy#CensusCourt Records|CensusCourt]]'''| width="1614.62%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Kenosha County, Wisconsin Genealogy#Land and PropertyRecords|Land]]'''Land| width="14.2%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Kenosha County, Wisconsin Genealogy#Probate Records|Probate]]'''| width="1614.62%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Kenosha County, Wisconsin Genealogy#Probate Census Records|ProbateCensus]]'''
| width="1614.62%" align="center" |1876| width="1614.62%" align="center" |18501900| width="1614.62%" align="center" |1876 | width="1614.62%" align="center" |18501852 | width="1614.62%" align="center" |1838| width="1614.62%" align="center" |1850| width="14.2%" align="center" |1820|-| colspan="7"| <center>Statewide registration for births and deaths began in 1907. General compliance year unknown.</center>
== County Courthouse =Record Loss ==={| |-| There is no known history of courthouse disasters in this county.
|}=== Boundary Changes ==={{WI Boundary Changes Intro|Kenosha}}{| |-| *1850--Kenosha County was created 30 January 1850 from[[Racine County, Wisconsin Genealogy|Racine]] County.*'''County seat:''' Kenosha<ref>''Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America'', 10th ed. (Draper, Utah: Everton Pub., 2002), Wisconsin.{{WorldCat|50140092|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|1049485|item|disp=FHL Book 973 D27e 2002}}.</ref><br>For animated maps illustrating Wisconsin County boundary changes, [http://www.comapofus.kenosha.wi.usorg/wisconsin/ Kenosha "Rotating Formation Wisconsin County CourthouseBoundary Maps"]<br>1010 56th Street<br>Kenosha, WI 53140; <br>Phone. 262(1790-1961) may be viewed for free at the MapofUS.653org website.2552<br>
|}=== Populated Places ===For a complete list of populated places, including small neighborhoods and suburbs, visit [http,cfips,059,c,kenosha.wicfm Hometown Locator].The following are the most historically and genealogically relevant populated places in this county:<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Kenosha County, Wisconsin," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'',,_Wisconsin, accessed 15 September 2018.</ref>{{populated places<!--cities column------------------->| cities-col1=<div>* [,_Wisconsin Kenosha] (county seat)</div>| cities-col2=<div></div>| cities-col3=<div></div><!--towns column------------------->| towns-col1=<div>* [,_Kenosha_County,_Wisconsin Brighton]* [https://en.wikipedia.usorg/wiki/Paris,_Kenosha_County,_Wisconsin Paris]</div>| towns-col2=<div>* [,_Wisconsin Randall]* [,_Wisconsin Somers]</indexdiv>| towns-col3=<div>* [https://en.wikipedia.aspx?nidorg/wiki/Wheatland,_Kenosha_County,_Wisconsin Wheatland]</div><!--villages column------------------->| villages-col1=137 County Clerk<div>* [,_Wisconsin Bristol]* [,_Wisconsin Genoa City] * [,_Wisconsin Paddock Lake] has marriage records from 1900; <br/div>| villages-col2=<div>* [,_Wisconsin Pleasant Prairie]* [httphttps://wwwen.cowikipedia.kenoshaorg/wiki/Salem_Lakes,_Wisconsin Salem Lakes]</div>| villages-col3=<div>* [https://en.wiwikipedia.usorg/wiki/Somers,_Wisconsin Somers]* [https://indexen.wikipedia.aspx?nidorg/wiki/Twin_Lakes,_Wisconsin Twin Lakes]</div><!--unincorp column------------------->| unincorp-col1=522 Register of Deeds<div>* [,_Wisconsin Bassett]* [,_Wisconsin Benet Lake]* [,_Wisconsin Berryville]* [,_Kenosha_County,_Wisconsin Brighton]* [,_Wisconsin Central Park]* [,_Wisconsin Chapin] has land records; <br/div>Register in Probate has probate records | unincorp-col2=<refdiv>The Handybook for Genealogists* [,_Wisconsin Fox River]* ['s_Corners,_Wisconsin Kellogg's Corners]* [,_Kenosha_County,_Wisconsin Klondike]* [,_Wisconsin Lake Shangrila]* [https: United States of America//,10th ed_Wisconsin Liberty Corners]* [https://en.wikipedia. page 757 Kenosha Countyorg/wiki/New_Munster, Wisconsin _Wisconsin New Munster]</div>| unincorp-col3=<div>* [, UT_Wisconsin Paris]* [https:Everton Publishers//, 2002_Wisconsin Salem Oaks]* [,_Kenosha_County,_Wisconsin Salem]* [,_Wisconsin Trevor]* [,_Wisconsin Voltz Lake]</div><!--census column------------------->| census-col1=<div>* [,_Wisconsin Camp Lake]* [,_Wisconsin Lily Lake]</div>| census-col2=<div>* [,_Wisconsin Powers Lake]</div>| census-col3=<div>* [,_Wisconsin Wilmot]</div><!--townships column------------------->| townships-col1=| townships-col2=<div></div>| townships-col3=<div></div><!--ghost towns column------------------->| ghost-col1=<div>* [,_Kenosha_County,_Wisconsin Aurora]</div>| ghost-col2=<div></div>| ghost-col3=<div></div>}}
== Historical Facts = History Timeline ==={{WI Historical Timeline Intro|Kenosha}}
*[ The city of Kenosha and = Resources =={{WI Resources Intro|Kenosha County, Wisconsin : a record of settlement, organization, porgress, and achievement] Viewable}}
==== Parent County =Bible Records ==={{WI Bible Intro|Kenosha}}
1850--Kenosha County was created 30 January 1850&nbsp;from[[Racine County, Wisconsin Genealogy=== Biographies ==={{WI Biographies Intro|Racine]] County.&nbsp; County seat: Kenosha <ref>The Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America,10th ed. (Draper, UT:Everton Publishers, 2002).</ref> }}
==== Boundary Changes ==== For animated maps illustrating Wisconsin County boundary changes, *[http://wwwfiles.mapofususgwarchives.orgnet/wi/kenosha/wisconsinbios/ "Rotating Formation Wisconsin County Boundary Maps"] (1790-1961) may be viewed for free at the website.  ==== Record Loss ==== There is no known history of courthouse disasters in this countykenosha== Places / Localities ==[[Image:{{WI txt Miscellaneous Kenosha County, Wisconsin Clickable Neighbors}}|right|230px]Biographies]==== Populated Places ==== ==== Neighboring Counties ====USGenWeb Archives
[[Lake County, Illinois Genealogy|Lake County, Illinois]] {{•}} [[McHenry County, Illinois Genealogy|McHenry County, Illinois]] {{•}} [[Racine County=== Business, Wisconsin Genealogy|Racine]] {{•}} [[Walworth CountyCommerce, Wisconsin Genealogy|Walworth]] and Occupations == Resources == ==== Bible {{WI Business Records ==== ==== Biography ====*[ Miscellaneous Intro|Kenosha County Biographies] USGenWeb Archives}}
==== Cemeteries ===={{WI Cemeteries Intro|Kenosha}}
{| width="75%" cellspacing="1" cellpaddingstyle ="1" border="1"|-| width="30%" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" align="center" | '''Tombstone Transcriptions Online'''| width="30%" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" align="center" | '''Tombstone Transcriptions in Print'''| :1px solid black; width="30%" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" align="center" | '''List of Cemeteries in the county'''|-| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | []| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | {{FHL|591106|subject-id|disp=Family History Library}}| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | []|-| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [ WIGenWeb]| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [ WorldCat]| bgcolor="#F0F0F0; " | [ Billion Graves]
| bgcolorcolspan="#F0F0F02" | [ WIGenWeb Archives]| bgcolor="#F0F0F0E0E0E0" || bgcolorstyle="#F0F0F0border:1px solid black" |<center>'''Cemeteries of Kenosha County, Wisconsin''' online and in print</center>
| width="25%" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" style="border:1px solid black" | <center>'''Tombstone Transcriptions Online'''</center>| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" valign="top" style="border:1px solid black" | * []* [ WIGenWeb]* [ WIGenWeb Archives]* [ WITombstone Project]| bgcolor* [ Interment]* [ Graveyards]*["#F0F0F0" || bgcolor%2Bdeath_place%3A%22Kenosha%20County%2C%20Wisconsin%22~&collection_id="#F0F0F0" |2026973 Billion Graves Index at FamilySearch]
| width="25%" bgcolor="#F0F0F0E0E0E0" style="border:1px solid black" | <center>'''Tombstone Transcriptions in Print''' ([http:/[The Value of Cemetery Records in Print |Often more complete]])</ Interment]center>| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" style="border:1px solid black" valign="top" |* {{FHL| bgcolor591106|subject-id|disp=Family History Library}}* ["#F0F0F0" |results_page WorldCat]
| width="25%" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" style="border:1px solid black" |<center>'''List of Cemeteries in the County'''</center>| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" style="border:1px solid black" valign="top" | * [http]* [https://Kenosha Billion Graves]| bgcolor* ["#F0F0F0" || bgcolor&stateName="#F0F0F0" |EPodunk]
| bgcolorcolspan="#F0F0F02" | [ EPodunk]| bgcolor="#F0F0F0E0E0E0" || bgcolorstyle="#F0F0F0" ||-| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" |[httpsborder:// Billion Graves]| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" || bgcolor="#F0F0F0" ||-| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" colspan="31px solid black" | <center>See '''[[Wisconsin Cemeteries| Wisconsin Cemeteries]] ''' for more information.</center>
*[ Kenosha County Tombstone Photograph Pages] USGenWeb Archives
==== Census Records ==={{Historical populations|type =USA|heading =Census|footnote ====Source: [,_Wisconsin "".]|1850 |10734 |1860 |13900 |1870 |13147 |1880 |13550 |1890 |15581 |1900 |21707 |1910 |32929 |1920 |51284 |1930 |63277 |1940 |63505 |1950 |75238 |1960 |100615 |1970 |117917 |1980 |123137 |1990 |128181 |2000 |149577 |2010 |166426 }}{{WI Census Intro|Kenosha}} '''''State Census====='''''<br>*'''1855''' - [ 1855 Wisconsin State Census] This census includes name of head of family; other individuals in the household are identified by sex and race, number of deaf and dumb, blind, insane and foreign born.
*'''1865''' - [ 1865 Wisconsin State Census] Name index and images of the 1865 State Census which names the head of household. Most records have been destroyed but schedules exist for the following counties: Dunn, Green, Jackson, Kewaunee, Ozaukee, and Sheboygan.
*'''1875''' - [ 1875 Wisconsin State Census] Identifies head of household by name.
*'''1885''' - {{RecordSearch|1443713|Wisconsin State Census, 1885}} at [ FamilySearch] — index and images. Search indexed census.&nbsp; Identifies by name of head of household.&nbsp;&nbsp; Other information is&nbsp;statistical and identifies the rest of the household by race, gender and country of birth.*'''1895''' - {{RecordSearch|1443712|Wisconsin State Census, 1895}} at [ FamilySearch] — index and images. Identifies head of household by name. Other information is statistical.
*'''1905''' - {{RecordSearch|1443899|Wisconsin State Census, 1905}} at [ FamilySearch] — Name index and images of population. Enumerates by name all inhabitants.
====='''''Federal Census====='''''<br>
*'''1920''' - [ 1920 Federal Census, Juneau County] USGenWeb Archives
*'''1930''' - [ 1930 Federal Census, Juneau County] USGenWeb Archives
==== Church History and Records ===={{WI Church Intro|Kenosha}} *[ Kenosha County Churches and Temples] WIGenWeb project===== Lutheran =====
:*Records of the American Lutheran Church, Salem, in Evangelical Lutheran Church in America database at [] ($).
==== Court Records ===={{WI Court Intro|Kenosha}}
==== Crime and Criminals =Directories ==={{WI Directories Intro|Kenosha}}
==== *[[Kenosha,_Wisconsin#City_Directories| Kenosha, Wisconsin City Directories ====]]*[ Kenosha County Directories] WIGenWeb project
*[[Kenosha,_Wisconsin#City_Directories=== Emigration and Immigration ==={{WI Emigration Intro| Kenosha, Wisconsin City Directories]]*[ Kenosha County Directories] WIGenWeb project}}
==== Ethnic, Political, or and Religious Groups ===={{WI Ethnic Groups Intro|Kenosha}}
===== Germans Funeral Homes ====={{WI Funeral Homes Intro|Kenosha}}
==== Gazetteers Genealogies ===={{WI Genealogies Intro|Kenosha}}
==== Genealogy =Guardianship ==={{WI Guardianship Intro|Kenosha}}
==== History =Land and Property Records ===*[;id=20;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Erootsweb%2Eancestry%2Ecom%2F~wikenosh%2Fkenoindex%2Ehtm {{WI Land Intro|Kenosha County, WI Early History] WIGenWeb Project}}
==== Land and Property ====
*Wisconsin Land Patents Database, Kenosha County (USGenWeb Archives)
:*[ Surnames A-C]
:*[ Surnames T-Z]
==== Maps =Local Histories ==={{WI Histories Intro|Kenosha}}
*[;id=20;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Erootsweb%2Eancestry%2Ecom%2F~wikenosh%2Fkenoindex%2Ehtm Kenosha County, WI Early History] WIGenWeb Project
*[ The city of Kenosha and Kenosha County, Wisconsin : a record of settlement, organization, progress, and achievement]
=== Maps and Gazetteers ===
{{WI Maps Intro|Kenosha County}}
{{WI Neighboring Counties Intro|county={{WI Kenosha County}}}}
*[ Old Antique Atlases &amp; Maps of Wisconsin]
===Migration = =={{WI Migration Intro|Kenosha}} ===Military Records ==={{WI Military Intro|Kenosha}}
==== Military History and Records ====
*[;id=20;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Erootsweb%2Eancestry%2Ecom%2F~wikenosh%2Fkenoindex%2Ehtm Kenosha County Military Information] Information about Kenosha County from the Revolutionary War to the Vietnam War. WIGenWeb Project
===== Civil War =====
==== Civil War service men from ===={{WI Civil War Intro|Kenosha County served in various regiments. Men often joined a company (within a regiment) that originated in their county. Listed below are many companies or regiments that were formed from men of }} {{WI Civil War Regiments|Kenosha County. <br> }}
:- [[1st Regiment, Wisconsin Cavalry|1st Regiment, Wisconsin Cavalry]], Companies F and M :- [[2nd Regiment, Wisconsin Cavalry|2nd Regiment, Wisconsin Cavalry]], Company G <br>
:- [[9th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry|9th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry]], Company C
*[ 1883 list ofPensioners of Pensioners or dependents, Kenosha Co., WI] USGenWeb Archives
=====World War I====={{WI World War I Intro|Kenosha}}
*[ Kenosha County Army Casualties] USGenWeb Archives
=====World War II====={{WI World War II Intro|Kenosha}}
*Kenosha County Army Enlistees (USGenWeb Archives)
| style="vertical-align:top; padding-right:1em"|
==== Naturalization and Citizenship ===={{WI Naturalization Intro|Kenosha}} 
*[;id=20;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Erootsweb%2Eancestry%2Ecom%2F~wikenosh%2Fkenoindex%2Ehtm Kenosha County Naturalization Records] WIGenWeb Project
===Newspapers = =={{WI Newspapers Intro|Kenosha}} ===Obituaries ==={{WI Obituaries Intro|Kenosha}}
==== Obituaries =Other Records ==={{WI Other Records Intro|Kenosha}}
==== Periodicals ===={{WI Periodicals Intro|Kenosha}}
==== Probate Records ===={{WI Probate Intro|Kenosha}}
'''Online Records'''
*'''1800 – 19871800–1987''' [ Wisconsin Wills and Probate Records 1800-1987] at [] — images and index $ *'''1848 – 19481848–1948''' {{RecordSearch|1874190|Wisconsin Probate Estate Files 1848-1948}} at [ /search/ FamilySearch] — images
==== Repositories =School Records ==={{WI Schools Intro|Kenosha}}
See also a List of [ Wisconsin Archives, Libraries, Publications, Historical &amp; Genealogical Societies] === Tax Records ==={{WI Tax Intro|Kenosha}}
===== Archives, Libraries and Museums ==Vital Records ==={{WI Vital Intro|Kenosha}}
===== County Courthouse =Birth ===={{WI Birth Intro|Kenosha}}
*'''1820-1907''' {{RecordSearch|1946789|Wisconsin, Birth Index, 1820-1907}} at [ FamilySearch] — index*'''1826-1908''' [ Wisconsin, Births and Christenings Index, 1826-1908] at [ Ancestry] — index $*'''1826-1926''' {{RecordSearch|1708703|Wisconsin, Births and Christenings, 1826-1926}} at [ FamilySearch] — index*[;id=20;url== Family History Centers =====http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Erootsweb%2Eancestry%2Ecom%2F~wikenosh%2Fkenoindex%2Ehtm Kenosha County Birth Records] WIGenWeb Project
==== Marriage ===={{FamilySearch Centers WI Marriage Intro|Kenosha}} *[[Kenosha Wisconsin Family History Center]]
==== Societies ==== *'''1836-1911''' {{RecordSearch| width="100%"1803973|Wisconsin, County Marriages, 1836-1911}} at [ FamilySearch] — index*'''1836-1930''' {{RecordSearch| style="vertical1708704|Wisconsin, Marriages, 1836-align1930}} at [https:top; padding// FamilySearch] — index*'''1973-1997''' {{RecordSearch|1946794|Wisconsin, Marriage Index, 1973-right1997}} at [https:1em"| // FamilySearch] — index*'''Kenosha County Historical Society1973-1997'''<br>6300 3rd Ave<br>Kenosha 53143[ Wisconsin Marriages, 1973-5102<br>1997] at [ Ancestry] — index/images $*[ Websitel/rd?ring=accwi;id=20;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Erootsweb%2Eancestry%2Ecom%2F~wikenosh%2Fkenoindex%2Ehtm Kenosha County Marriages]<br><br>WIGenWeb Project
'''Kenosha County Genealogical Society'''<br>4902 52nd St<br> Kenosha, WI 53142<br>[ ===0007727563&o_sch=Affiliate+External Website]<br><br>{{WI Death Intro|Kenosha}}
*'''Kenosha County Historical Society1820-1907''' {{RecordSearch|1940759|Wisconsin, Death Index, 1820-1907}} at [ FamilySearch] — index*'''1835-1968''' {{RecordSearch|1708699|Wisconsin, Deaths and Burials, Kenosha History Center1835-1968}} at [ FamilySearch] — index*'''1867-1907'''<br> 220 51st Place<br> Kenosha{{RecordSearch|1803975|Wisconsin, Death Records, WI 53140<br>Telephone1867-1907}} at [https: 262// FamilySearch] — index*'''1959-6541997''' {{RecordSearch|1947978|Wisconsin, Death Index, 1959-5770<br>1997}} at [ FamilySearch] — index*[ Websitel/rd?ring=accwi;id=20;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Erootsweb%2Eancestry%2Ecom%2F~wikenosh%2Fkenoindex%2Ehtm Kenosha County Death Index]<br><br>WIGenWeb Project
| style="vertical-align:top; padding-right:1em"=== Divorce ===={{WI Divorce Intro| Kenosha}}
*'''Western Kenosha Historical Society1965-1984'''<br>PO Box 232<br>Trevor{{RecordSearch|1967741|Wisconsin, WI 53179-0232<br>Telephone: 262Divorce Index, 1965-857-7345 <br>1984}} at [ FacebookFamilySearch]<br><br>— index
'''Family History Center'''<br> Family History Library Holdings<br>Kenosha Wisconsin<br>1444 30th Ave N<br>Kenosha, Wisconsin<br>Telephone: 262-552-7816<br>[ Website]<br>Hours: T 9am-12:30pm, 6pm-8:30pm; W, Th 9am-12:30pm<br>Closed: Holidays & last 2 weeks of December<br><br>== Research Facilities =={{WI Research Facilities Intro|Kenosha}}
==== Taxation =Archives ==={{WI Archives Intro|Kenosha}}*'''Archives and Area Research Center'''<br>University of Wisconsin, Parkside Library<br>900 Wood Rd.<br>Kenosha, WI 53144<br>Telephone: 262-595-2411<br>Email: []<br>[ Website]*List of Archives by the [ Genealoger]
==== Vital Records =Family History Centers ==={{Family History Centers Intro}}
===== Birth Records ===== *1826 - 1926 {{RecordSearch|1708703|Wisconsin, Births and Christenings, 1826-1926}} at [] — index *1820 - 1907 {{RecordSearch|1946789|Wisconsin, Birth Index, 1820-1907}} at [] — index *1826 - 1908 [ Kenosha Wisconsin, Births and Christenings Index, 1826-1908] at [ Ancestry.comFamily History Center] — index $*[;id=20;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Erootsweb%2Eancestry%2Ecom%2F~wikenosh%2Fkenoindex%2Ehtm Kenosha County Birth Records] WIGenWeb Project ===== Marriage Records =====
*1836 - 1930 === Libraries ==={{RecordSearchWI Libraries Intro|1708704|Wisconsin, Marriages, 1836-1930Kenosha}} at [] — index *1973 - 1997 {{RecordSearch|1946794|'''University of Wisconsin, Marriage IndexParkside Library'''<br>Archives and Area Research Center<br>900 Wood Rd.<br>Kenosha, 1973WI 53144<br>Telephone: 262-1997}} at 595-2411<br>Email: [httpsmailto:// FamilySearchedu archives@uwp.orgedu] — index*1973 - 1997 <br>[httphttps://searchwww.ancestryuwp.comedu/search/db.aspx?dbid=8744 Wisconsin Marriages, 1973-1997] at [http:learn/library/home.ancestry.comarchives/ Ancestry.comWebsite] — index/images $*List of libraries by the [http://www.webringgenealoger.orgcom/wisconsin/lCounties/rd?ring=accwi;id=20;url=httpkenosha%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Erootsweb%2Eancestry%2Ecom%2F~wikenosh%2Fkenoindex%2Ehtm Kenosha County Marriages20county.htm Genealoger] WIGenWeb Project
===== Divorce Records ==Museums ==={{WI Museums Intro|Kenosha}}
*1965 - 1984 == Societies =={{RecordSearchWI Societies Intro|1967741|Wisconsin, Divorce Index, 1965-1984Kenosha}} at [] — index
*'''Kenosha County Genealogical Society'''<br>4902 52nd St<br> Kenosha, WI 53142<br>[ Website]<br>*'''Kenosha County Historical Society, Kenosha History Center'''<br> 220 51st Place<br> Kenosha, WI 53140<br>Phone: 262-654-5770<br>[ Website]<br>*'''Western Kenosha Historical Society'''<br>PO Box 232<br>Trevor, WI 53179-0232<br>Phone: 262-857-7345 <br>[ Death Records =====Facebook]
*1867 - 1907 {{RecordSearch|1803975|Wisconsin, Death Records, 1867-1907}} at [] — index == Websites ==*1835 - 1968 {{RecordSearchWI Websites Intro|1708699|Wisconsin, Deaths and Burials, 1835-1968Kenosha}} at [] — index<br> *1820 - 1907 {{RecordSearch|1940759|Wisconsin, Death Index, 1820-1907}} at [] — index*1959 - 1997 {{RecordSearch|1947978|Wisconsin, Death Index, 1959-1997}} at [] — index*[;id=20;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Erootsweb%2Eancestry%2Ecom%2F~wikenosh%2Fkenoindex%2Ehtm Kenosha County Death Index] WIGenWeb Project
==== Voting Registers ==== == Websites == *[ Kenosha County, WI History, Records, Facts and Genealogy] *[ Wisconsin Genealogy Network Community on Google+] *[ Wisconsin Genealogy Network Group on Facebook] *{{FHL|Wisconsin%2C+Kenosha|subject|disp=FamilySearch Catalog}}*[ Kenosha County, WIGenWeb Project]
*[ Kenosha County, USGenWeb Archives]
*{{FHL Place IDNum|200732|Wisconsin|Kenosha}}- The FamilySearch catalog contains descriptions and access information for all genealogical materials (including books, online materials, microfilm, microfiche, and publications) in their collection.  Use [ Historical Records] to search for specific individuals in genealogical records
== Research Guides ==
{{WI Research Guides Intro|Kenosha}}
== References == <references />
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