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*The territory of Viseu was populated by a series of cultures, that include the Romans, Suebs, Visigoths and Moors.
*The municipality has 25 parishes and the area is 507.10 km (195.79 square miles)
*Viseu has a population of 99,274 people and is the center of the Viseu Dão Lafões intermunipical community, with 267,633 inhabitants.<ref>Wikipedia Collaborators, "Viseu," In ''Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia'', Visited 21 September 2017.</ref>
== Civil Registration ==
== Cemeteries ==
Cemeteries did not become popular in Portugal until the late nineteenth century. Prior to this, individuals were buried in their parish churchcemetery, and their bones were later removed to an unmarked burial place. The following list may be helpful in twentieth-century research.
'''Name of CemeteryCova do Viriato Park'''<br>WebsiteViseu, Viseu Municipality, Viseu<br>AddressPORTUGAL<br>Phone number<br>[mailtoWebsite:email email address]<br> '''Name of Cemetery'''<br>Website<br>Address<br>Phone number<br>[mailtohttps:email email address// FindAGrave]<br>
== Family History Centers ==
'''Name of nearest centerViseu Portugal Family History Center'''<br>Website/page on FS wikiRua Cândido dos Reis 81<br>VISEU 3510-056<br>AddressPORTUGAL<br>Phone number: +351 351-32425559<br>Email: [mailto:email email]<br>Website: [ Viseu Portugal Family History Center]<br>
== References ==
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