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=== Contact a Parish ===
The following If you are seeking church records created more recently than 1910, it is a list of parishes within possible to obtain them by writing to the parish where the municipality of Viseurecord was created. There Writing to a parish is not always a reliable way to obtain information, because officials may or may be additional parishes not listed on this pagerespond.<br>
'''Parish Name'''<br>address<br>phone number<br>[mailtohttp:email email address// Conferência Episcopal Portuguesa]<br> '''Parish Name'''<br>address<br>phone number<br>[mailto:email email address]lists websites for the 20 Dioceses of Portugal. Once on the Diocesan website, use the listing of parishes (paróquias) to locate contact information for the parish in question.<br>
Communicate your request in Portuguese whenever possible. For writing a letter or email in Portuguese, use the translated questions and phrases in this [[Portuguese Letter-writing Guide|Portuguese Letter-writing Guide.]]
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