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#Find a person’s birth record. Write down the name of the parents and the place where the family was living. You will then be able to find the person in more records.
#Search the [[User:Hanna5974/Sandbox/Finland parish suggestionChurch Records#Online Communion Books (Rippikirjat/Kommunionböcker) and Preconfirmation Records (Lastenkirjat/Barnböcker)|'''communion records and pre-confirmation rolls''']] of that parish for the date when the family was there for the birth you just located. Note all information about the family, including names, birth dates, birthplaces, marriage and death dates, and moving information. You will now have '''much more''' information about the family.
#Search the birth, marriage, and death records to verify the information you found in the communion and pre-confirmation books.
#Search the communion records and pre-confirmation rolls for all the years the family lived there. Start with the year of the parents marriage and go until the family dies out.
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